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We are so grateful for your ministries and the good work that you do in the world. Thank you for representing the Alliance so well as you embody our mission, covenant and code of ethics. Thank you for your participation and your leadership within the life of the Alliance. We could not be who we are without you!

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Educational Videos

Here are the latest recorded sessions for our Endorsed Community. To find all of the Alliance’s recorded sessions and events, visit Alliance of Baptists on YouTube.

Opportunities and Events

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The remaining meetings of Endorsed Community Sounding Room for 2023 are July 14, September 8, and November 10 will meet from 1 to 2pm (Eastern). You are invited! If you are interested in attending and/or you have questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to email the endorser at

Educational opportunities are regularly made available for the Endorsed Community. Check the “Upcoming Events” section below for more information about the next one, or contact our endorser at to join our mailing list!


It was wonderful for the Endorsed Community to gather for our Annual Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia last month prior to the Annual Gathering. For a recap of the Annual Gathering click HERE.


In order to maintain Endorsement with the Alliance of Baptists all endorsed chaplains, pastoral counselors, and CPE educators agree to:

– Participate actively in a local congregation;
– Make an annual financial contribution to the Alliance of Baptists of a minimum of $150 to maintain membership;
– Submit an Annual Report including affirmation of the Covenantal Code of Ethics for Endorsed Clergy for the Alliance of Baptists by March 1st of each calendar year;
– Notify the Alliance of Baptists’ Endorser of any change of ministry setting and any legal, ethical, or professional actions filed against the person within one month of the change;
– Attend an Alliance of Baptists gathering at least once every four years. Attendance at Alliance gatherings is required in order to foster relationships within and among the Alliance of Baptists family and nurture the well-being and potential for ministry of those recognized by this process;
– Complete at least 6 contact hours in clinical or professional ethics every 5 years.


Endorsement is a particular ministry setting and level of certification. Endorsement may be transferred from one ministry setting or level of certification to another when requested by the endorsee.

The endorsed person must notify the Endorser, via email, of such a change within one month of the change and include a brief description of such change. Said changes can be emailed to


Here you’ll find all the documents you’ll need access to as a member of the Endorsed Community.

News from the Endorsed Community

Below are articles written by and for members of the Endorsed Community. If you’re a member of the Endorsed Community and have written an article relevant to our shared work, let us know so we can share it with others.