In partnership with Convergence

The Alliance is proud to partner with Convergence to provide an opportunity for clergy to complete boundary training. The curriculum, developed and hosted by Convergence, provides a wide range of topics for clergy to consider as they minister in a changing world.

The congregational nature of the Baptist tradition often means little oversight or personal development opportunities. By partnering with Convergence, the Alliance is hoping to bridge that gap by offering a full curriculum at a discounted rate to clergy serving in Baptist settings. You will learn about the need for and management of excellent boundaries.

Each unit will contain specific learning objectives, reflections based on theological foundations, case studies, best practices and video interactions.

  • Boundaries in Pastoral Relationships with Adults
  • Boundaries in Pastoral Relationships with Children & Youth
  • Boundaries with Finances and Church Business
  • Boundaries with Social Media
  • Boundaries for Self-Care

Participants will capture key learnings from each unit and write a 400-600 word reflection at the conclusion of the course.


How much will the course cost me?
$114 will give you access to the entire course

How is the course taught?
The course is a complete-at-your-own-pace online curriculum. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Convergence.*

Why would I want to complete this course?
While many Baptist congregations do not require boundary training, it can be an opportunity for clergy to indicate to their congregation that creating a safe environment for all is an important value to them.

*While the Alliance is glad to partner with Convergence to provide this training, the certificate you will receive at the end of the training will be from Convergence and will not be from the Alliance of Baptists.