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What Do We Say?

What do we say after El Paso and Dayton?What do we do? Each morning I get up and check to see if we're in another war or if there's been another mass shooting. Last Sunday I got up to the news of two mass shootings. May God comfort those in grief. May God have mercy on us and who we're becoming.

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Report from Cali: At Home among Peacemakers

On July 15 I arrived in Cali, Colombia, to attend the Global Baptist Peace Conference, along with 400 other peacemakers from more than 30 countries around the world. Though many of us were visiting a city and country new to us, the spirit of hospitality was surely in that place, because we felt at home as we shared stories, skills, and resources, and as we prayed for each other, thereby creating new bonds and deepening old friendships.

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A liberal Baptist church will close its doors and give $1 million to nonprofits

In case you missed it...The Washington Post highlighted Alliance congregational partner, Twinbrook Baptist Church, in Rockville, Md., and its brave, beautiful, and faithful approach to concluding its ministry.

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