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Turning the world upside down for 30 years

In Acts 17, the religious establishment of the day charged the early church with "turning the world upside down." During its 30-year history, the Fraternity of Baptist Churches of Cuba (FIBAC) has been similarly charged. With courage and boldness, its churches and leaders have shaped a Baptist witness that has often upset the religious powers that be. 

Formed in 1989 by three congregations that were ousted from the Western Baptist Convention of Cuba, FIBAC is now home to 42 congregations that span the island. The 174 delegates who filled the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Havana in February for FIBAC's 30th anniversary meeting were but a small part of a larger Spirit-led body whose goal is to make their churches, their communities and their country more like the reign of God.

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Henry lauded as 'tireless and vocal advocate for equality and justice'

W. Craig Henry, an attorney and longtime lay leader in his Monroe, La., church and the Alliance of Baptists, has been honored with the Heart of the Alliance Award. A former president of the Alliance and one of its most generous supporters, Henry was cited "for his deep investment of time, energy, gifts and love, which have advanced the spirit of the Alliance of Baptists." 

Reflecting afterwards, Henry said he first learned of the Alliance in a published article soon after its formation in 1987. "In the midst of the turmoil in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Alliance sounded like just the home I was looking for. I immediately mailed a check and have been writing checks ever since!" Concerning his service to the Alliance, first as vice president and then as president, he stated, "I like to think that I provided some important leadership in helping us reach beyond our regional southeast United States roots." 

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A multitude of JUSTSEX resources available

The JUSTSEX conference last fall in Nashville wrestled with a number of important questions: How can people of faith engage in constructive conversations about sexuality when we are more aware than ever of its complexity and diversity? When the word "sex" itself can elicit conflict and division, is it possible to move beyond schisms to dialogue and discernment? How do modern understandings of human sexuality inform a holistic sexual ethic?

The Alliance of Baptists hosted a justice-focused event that explored ways we can work together to bring sex to light. We now offer a variety of resources from the conference for your use at JUSTSEX

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