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Remembering Millard Eiland

by Paula Clayton Dempsey 

Among the good that Millard Eiland did while on his passage through this world was his role in visioning and enabling the work and ministry of the Alliance of Baptists. With gratitude for his life, his courage, his vulnerability, the Alliance mourns the death of Millard, and we share our sorrow with Millard's partner/spouse, David Taylor; his daughters and his faith family at Alliance congregational partner Covenant Church in Houston, Texas.

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Will we be chaplains of the empire, or chaplains of the resistance?

Two young parents, María and José, left home in the middle of the night, carrying their newborn son, Jèsus. A power-hungry dictator and terrible political situation made it unsafe for the small family to remain at home, and they fled across the border to another country for sanctuary.

Sound familiar? It should. This story from Matthew 2:13-14 has been playing out on the U.S. border for months.

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The Fingerprints of Queer Eye

"How did you get connected with them?" That's the question I've been asked repeatedly since our church posted a video of the Queer Eye Netflix series cast thanking our congregation for hosting them for a week recently. 

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