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Two Baptist Women, Two Baptist Churches: Baptist Freedom at Work

The churches are far apart geographically, and the stories are separated by 20 years. Yet they share much in common--the ordination of Silvia Nogueira and the call of Erica Grace Saunders to serve as pastor.

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I, too, Sing America

After 28 years of living in this country, I recently became a United States citizen. For most people born into privilege, it is difficult to fathom what this means and how difficult this journey often is. While every immigration story is different and everyone's process may not take as long as mine, each immigrant I know - documented or undocumented - has tread some path "through the blood of the slaughtered" to be here. My story is no different.

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Politics as an Approximation of the Kingdom of God and Politics as Baal

As a Christian pastor I am as dismayed and grieved as anyone about the political divisions of our present day in America which are rending churches, families, relationships and communities. In face of this concern I offer a distinction between politics as an approximation of the kingdom of God and "Politics as Baal," to use the phrase of Will Campbell and James Holloway in their 1970 book, Up to Our Steeples in Politics

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