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Statement on sex, gender and sexuality

I along with Shawn Warner-Garcia, Jennifer Wilder, Micah Bucey, Malu Fairley-Collins and Rob Marus are pleased to offer a STATEMENT ON SEX, SEXUALITY AND GENDER for consideration by the Alliance of Baptists membership when we gather later this month at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington D.C. The statement begins with this sentence: We, the Alliance of Baptists, have been on a journey of deepening acceptance, understanding and accommodation regarding sex, gender and sexuality. 

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Urgent need for family accompaniment

Church World Service (CWS) is sounding the call for faith communities to step in and walk alongside 5 to 7 asylum-seeking families in urgent need of accompaniment.

Many asylum-seeking families are now traveling throughout the United States to reunify with family members or friends, but there is often not enough support in their destination locations to help them find legal support and meet their basic needs, according to CWS.

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New Alliance communities sound the call

Alliance communities--groups formed around a specific issue or concern--are a vital part of the work of the Alliance of Baptists. A number of communities focused on a diversity of topics already exist, and members are always encouraged to form new ones whenever they feel called. 

This year three new communities are being birthed, and organizers are inviting all who feel inclined to join them in their efforts.

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