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Last call for the 2018 Annual Gathering

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Revisioning the Alliance covenant

“What are your thoughts about wedding vows?” is a question I’ll ask an engaged couple during a wedding planning meeting. Many have detailed ideas about flowers and bridesmaids’ dresses and music, but haven’t given much thought to the words they would say to publicly commit themselves to each other...Occasionally, I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating the renewal of wedding vows. Depending on the circumstances some want to repeat the words they once said to each other, while others desire new vows to express a deeper appreciation of their covenant to one another.

The Alliance of Baptists began 31 years ago with a covenant. Churches and individuals vowed to uphold seven promises that expressed their Baptist Christian faith in relationship with each other.

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Conference to equip clergy, laity to have open, honest conversations about sex

David took Bathsheba away from her husband Uriah. Delilah seduced Sampson. Abraham slept with another woman – with his wife Sarah’s permission. And King Solomon wrote love poems.

Sex, love and lust are everywhere in the Bible. So why aren’t more Christians comfortable talking about sex in the church?

The Alliance of Baptists will be addressing that subject at its JUSTSEX conference to be held Oct. 18-20 at the Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, Tenn. 

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