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Alliance welcomes Church of the Beatitudes

A welcoming and affirming Florida congregation deeply rooted in social justice has joined the Alliance of Baptists. 

The Church of the Beatitudes, located in Saint Petersburg, Fla., is one of the newest Alliance congregational partners. Established in 1962 as the first American Baptist Churches USA congregation in Florida, the church and its members have a long history of community engagement and justice work, which is still actively lived out today. 

"We are joining the Alliance because the Alliance holds the same values that the Church of the Beatitudes holds," said Phil Miller-Evans, the church's pastor.

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Doing the next right thing

I wear a little pin on my employee identification badge that says "Chaplain," but I don't get much chance to make a typical chaplain visit these days.  

This is not because I don't still love those one-on-ones. In fact the sacredness of those visits is what led me into Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) supervisory training 20 years ago.

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These are my friends

Tea and Jilda pictured above are my friends -- my Muslim friends. These are the kinds of people now barred from entering the United States. Tuesday's ruling of the Supreme Court does not speak for me or for the Alliance of Baptists. We reject any ruling that discriminates on the basis of religion, race, culture or country of origin.  

Why this photo? It puts a human face on the ruling of the Supreme Court upholding the travel ban that focuses on predominately Muslim nations.

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