Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities

The Alliance wants to help connect you with places you can serve, find a theological home and pursue God’s justice. Ministry opportunities come in many forms in Alliance life! We have ministry position openings and volunteer opportunities submitted from various partners and friends from around the world.

To list a ministry opening with the Alliance of Baptists, please contact Kristy Pullen. Partners of the Alliance of Baptists may list job openings for 90 days (unless otherwise requested) free of charge. For non-partners, we charge a one-time fee of $40 per position and your listing will run for 90 days (unless otherwise requested). You may pay the fee here and note: ministry openings.


Lakeside’s current minister has announced his retirement effective as of January 31, 2024, and we have the daunting task of selecting a new senior minister. While our minister’s departure from our pulpit is sad, it also offers an opportunity to provide new spiritual leadership for our church and bring in new ideas and renewed vigor.

Our Sunday morning worship services are live-streamed, and worship with excellent preaching and music and congregational participation is practiced and valued highly at Lakeside. Our approach has been to involve the mind as well as the heart and body in the development and witness of our faith. We have been characterized by our dignified, ordered worship and our spirited commitment to responsible Christian involvement in the world.

We hope to attract a new senior minister and spiritual leader who will appreciate and respect Lakeside’s foundation and approach and lead and help us build upon it to grow and reach out in exciting ways.

To learn more about Lakeside visit  and view our Church Profile and 2022 Strategic Planning report which can be accessed on the PASTOR SEARCH page of the website and our worship services and orders of worship and current activities and programs in effect from time to time.

To inquire further about this position, please contact Sam Johnson, Pulpit Committee Chair at


Reverend Dr. Amos Cleophilus Brown, Sr., Senior Pastor of Third Baptist Church of San Francisco, California, has announced his plan to retire at the end of 2024. In preparing for his retirement, the Church leadership is seeking a candidate to serve as Executive Pastor during the remainder of Pastor Brown’s tenure, with the expectation that the successful candidate would become Senior Pastor of the Church upon Pastor Brown’s retirement. In the event an individual has interest in the position of Senior Pastor, but not available for the Executive Pastor position and would be available to assume the Senior Pastor position on January 1, 2025, the Search Committee would also be interested in receiving your materials. 

Scarcely 24 months after California’s admission to the Union, in August of 1852, after suffering discrimination by First Baptist Church, nine Christians gathered in the home of Eliza and Russell Davis and established The Third Baptist Church of San Francisco. This spiritual landmark has now thrived for over 171 years. 

The successful candidate should have unquestionable spiritual and moral integrity, is of sound mind and character. The candidate embraces traditional and contemporary forms of worship and sacred music. The candidate also understands and is a proponent of intergenerational and cultural nuances that are critical in continuing the effective trajectory of the Church.

To learn more about this position or to apply please see the full profile HERE.


Millbrook Baptist Church, located at 1519 E. Millbrook Rd., Raleigh, NC is seeking candidates to serve as a part-time administrative assistant, 16-20 hours per week. A BS, BA or associate’s degree from an accredited college or university is required along with strong organizational skills, ability to work with staff and members of the congregation, and experience with Microsoft Office and other software programs to serve in this position. Work hours are Monday-Friday 9:00AM-1:00PM with a starting rate of $18/hour. Send your resume to to be considered and interviewed by the
Church Personnel Committee. Applications will be accepted until October 15, 2023.


Umstead Park UCC, in Raleigh, NC is a proudly progressive community of faith, founded in 1999. Through word and deed we’ve often countered the status quo, welcoming all into the gospel of justice and love. Our celebrated actions encompass a great variety: from fiercely advocating for racial and LGBTQ+ equality, offering sanctuary to an undocumented immigrant, and funding maternal care in rural Guatemala to cleaning waterways in urban NC. Within our church community, we offer our members opportunities that educate and enrich their spiritual lives while building close relationships with one another.

Our founding pastor has announced his intention to retire and currently we are seeking an Interim Minister until a new settled senior pastor is called. (Note – Our bylaws indicate that the interim minister is not an eligible candidate for the senior minister role.) The interim minister will walk alongside us as we:
• Practice the radical hospitality of God, welcoming fully all persons who each reflect the image of God. He/she/they will help establish a safe haven, free from the fear of judgment, where wounds are healed, differences are celebrated and inclusivity is intentional.
• Foster deep and compassionate spiritual practices. They will search the scriptures with open-minded thoughtfulness; taking the Bible seriously while knowing it cannot always be taken literally.
• Recognize our identity as global citizens, demonstrate our concern for neighbor through service, and live justice as the social expression of love.

Visioning Priorities
UPUCC has spent the last several months reflecting on our past and looking towards our future. Through that process, we have identified three areas of priority that we will be working towards, during the interim period and beyond. They are:
1. Financial Sustainability – Pursuing greater financial stability, which includes a revitalized congregation (both reengaged Covenant Partners and new members), as well as seeking additional sources of income beyond donations from the congregation.
2. Revitalizing the Congregation – Reengaging Covenant Partners as we emerge from COVID-19 and working to broaden the congregation by engaging new members.
3. Focusing Our Energies – Finding a focus for our social justice efforts, which will help us operate sustainably with our finances and resources, as well as deepen our communal identity.

Primary Responsibilities of the Interim Pastor
Minister, Teacher and Worship Leader
-Facilitates Sunday worship with continued focus on UPUCC’s progressive views on social justice. Coordinates with the Music & Worship committee for lay liturgists as necessary, planning of music with the Music Director, and oversight of the bulletin.
-Officiates at baptisms, weddings and funerals when requested.
-Works closely with members and groups in the church to provide pastoral care and supportive conversations with Covenant Partners and makes appropriate referrals.

Strategic Leadership
-Provides counsel to the Search Committee for the Senior Pastor when requested.
-Assists as needed with the preparation of the Local Church Profile.
-Is actively engaged in furthering the church’s Visioning priorities, identified above.
-Helps plan the agenda for Coordinating Council and Congregational Meetings.
-Ensures frequent communication with the congregation through face to face, electronic and print means.
-Serves as the official spokesperson for UPUCC, with support from the Coordinating Council.
-Participates in wider church activities such as conference and association meetings.
-Maintains relationships with specific local groups that reflect the mission and strategic direction of UPUCC.
-Follows and adheres to the UCC Manual of Ministry, UPUCC Bylaws and Personnel Policies

-Supervises staff of 5 made up of: Minister with Children and Youth, Office & Communications
-Administrator, Financial Administrator, Nursery Director, and Director of Music. Helps to assure each staff member’s well-being, promotes positive staff relationships with the congregation and fosters healthy relationships between staff members.

Interim Pastor Search Committee Co-Chairs:
Sara Acosta –
Nicki Norris –
If you would like to be considered for this position, please forward your resume to Sara or Nicki. As a means
of introduction, a cover letter describing your approach to leading churches in transition would be welcome.


The people of Good Shepherd Baptist Church are excited about the prospect of finding a settled minister to share in and lead us on our spiritual journey.  We are seeking a part-time pastor to provide Christ-centered inspiration, partner with us in pastoral care, and support our efforts in doing God’s work in our community.  We are open to an early-career pastor as well as a bi-vocational pastor.

Good Shepherd Baptist Church is a welcoming, generous, and supportive community of learners and explorers.
celebrate diversity,
embrace the journey to racial and social justice,
foster intergenerational relationships, and
strive to be stewards of the Earth.

If you are interested in learning more about this position, the full job description can be found here: 
GSBC Job description

If you want to know more about Good Shepherd Baptist Church, please read about us and what we are doing at these sites: 
Church Profile:GSBC profile

Please email inquiries or resumes to:


Grant Park Church is an American Baptist Church established in 1926 in the beautiful Grant Park neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. We seek a full-time pastor to lead our congregation, which is welcoming and affirming, journeying deeper into the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are praying and seeking God’s guidance in the process of finding the leader that would shepherd us into a future of hope, service, study of scripture, and Christian witness. The qualified candidate will have a master’s level education and be ordained by American Baptist Churches or be willing to obtain said ordination. For more information about our affiliations, ministry, and a more extensive position description, please visit our website at For information about our neighborhood, you may visit To apply directly by email, send a cover letter and resume to Or you may apply through


The Director of Youth Ministry (DYM), in partnership with the BCWC congregation, will lead and coordinate a ministry for youth (middle and high school) and their families so that children discover their identity as one who is loved by God and learn to share God’s love with the people in their young lives. 

Ministry Scope: 
Program Development
-Develop a program that engages a growing number of the Junior High and Senior High students weekly in some aspect of the church. 
-Plan and promote all major events and weekly programming. 
-Relationship Building
-Know the names of every youth and parent on the rolls. 
-Contact inactive youth or parents personally by e-mail or phone. 
-Contact each youth/family at least quarterly. 
-Make face-to-face contact with every student in the youth directory at least once per year. 
-Attend student events during the school year, and invite volunteer youth leaders to those events. 
-Personally follow up with first-time visitors within the first week of their visit. 
-Command an understanding of each students’ interests by catering events to the group currently in youth group. 
Equipping Volunteers
-Ensure all youth ministry volunteers complete an application, clear a background check, and receive training before they serve in the youth ministry. 
-Offer ongoing support. 
-Meet personally with regular volunteers at least once a year and check in with them at least quarterly. 
-Partner with youth or family ministry intern if applicable. 
Faith Formation
-Develop energetic, engaging, and creative programming for middle and high school students. 
-Lead Bible studies and equip volunteers to do so. 
-Invite youth who do not typically attend worship to sit with Youth Director during the services and/or peers. 
-Connect youth to ministries in the congregation in which they can use their gifts and build relationships with other members of the congregation. 
-Develop and distribute documents in a timely fashion (the youth directory, the youth ministry calendar, calendar requests, event and trip registration forms, leaders’ directory, first-timer directory). 
-Ensure Compliance documents have been updated, distributed, and adhered to by all involved parties (copyright licensing, background checks on volunteers and staff, etc.). 
-Initiate communication with parents both written and in person, leaving the avenues of communication open for concerns and suggestions of parents to be brought to the table. 
-Work with the Board of Christian Education regarding an annual youth ministry budget. 
-Update the church staff, particularly the Associate Pastor, with progress updates. 
-In collaboration with the Board of Christian Education, tend to the “in-between-the-cracks” needs of the youth ministry in a professional and timely manner, including bulletin boards, photography, attendance, newsletters, bulletin & church school announcements, forms, and registration. 
-Address problems in the youth ministry in a way that honors the concerns of those who brought them, and offer timely, creative solutions to issues in the youth ministry. 

Ministry Qualifications:
Education & Experience: Experience working with youth and their families and organizing volunteers in Christian ministry preferred; related college study of benefit. 
Competencies & Expectations: The DYM must have a strong personal faith in Jesus Christ, agree with the mission and core values of BCWC (see more at, seeking to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ; have a passion for ministry to children and families; possess strong interpersonal skills and relate well with children, families, volunteers, and paid staff; be a team player and a leader; be a good organizer and effective in delegating tasks to volunteers; be a good manager and steward of the financial resources of the Youth Ministries program, seek continued personal and professional growth; and have knowledge of American Baptist Church Life / Theology or be willing to develop said knowledge. 

Resources & Training Provided: 
Ongoing continuing education opportunities and annual Safety & Abuse prevention training. 

Performance Review: 
Performance reviews will be given annually. These reviews will be conducted by the Senior Pastor in coordination with the Staff Relations Board and Christian Education Board

Vacation & Sick Time: 
4 weeks (Sundays) paid & 3 weeks (Sundays) unpaid. Unpaid weeks are extrapolated and deducted from regular payroll over the course of the year. 

To Apply:
Email resume and cover letter to


First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain/The Centre for Faith, Art & Justice are seeking a committed and dynamic individual to fill the critical role of Community Liaison for our Food Justice Program. The goals of this position are to assist food insecure individuals and families with a wide range of resources, to support volunteers in making the program run smoothly and provide needed data for evaluation and funding.

Basic Duties and Responsibilities:

Support and abide by the mission and values of FBCJP and The Centre.
Maintain a consistent and visible presence at The Centre Food Hub in Jamaica Plain.
Recruit and schedule volunteers to fill various roles supporting the operations of the FBCJP and the Food Hub including preparing meals in the kitchen, packing groceries, and delivering meals and groceries. Also assist with handling absences and cancellations.
Create and maintain driving routes for the delivery of meals and groceries.
Maintain the database of volunteers and recipients, keeping up with current information.
Assure clear communication. Assist with answering the phone and monitoring e-mails and voicemails received by the Food Hub; responding and/or forwarding critical information as appropriate.
Meet with and empower neighbors to procure resources necessary for the life and dignity of all in our community. provide crisis intervention and make referrals as appropriate.
Attend weekly supervision, staff meetings and other gatherings as requested.
Manage Boston Cares and other needed accounts, reporting and scheduling.
Cultivate participation of food recipients as volunteers and leaders in the program.
Create communication tools for use in print, digitally and on social media that raise awareness of resources and serve to destigmatize hunger and related concerns.
Work with the Food Justice team, volunteers and community to advocate for a just and equitable food system and sustainability for the program.
Reporting to the Food Justice Coordinator and Pastor/Executive Director to fulfill the goals of the program.
Assist Coordinator and Office Manager regarding reporting and paperwork and develop data collection plan to inform changing dynamics and needs of recipients as well as information for Grant applications.
Attend weekly supervision, staff meetings and other gatherings as requested.

Must be passionate about food justice in our community.
Must be fully bilingual in Spanish and English
Must have a driver’s license.
Demonstrated ability to coordinate and interact with volunteer teams and diverse communities
Excellent communication, collaborative interpersonal skills with ability to maintain confidentiality
Excellent organizational skills, ability to manage information and systems, and timely follow-up
Must have computer proficiency using Google Spreadsheets and data systems documents (preferably Salesforce) and be able to use social media for outreach and marketing purposes.
Ability to exercise good judgment, diplomacy, and sensitivity to all persons, regardless of faith, economic status, disability, culture, race, age, gender, sexual orientation and human condition.
CORI check required

Full-time. $45,000/year. 4 weeks paid time off. For more information contact Rev. Ashlee Wiest-Laird at


St. John’s Baptist Church is a progressive church located in the Elizabeth Community of Charlotte, NC, at 300 Hawthorne Lane.  We are a servant church committed to the principles of inclusion and openness to all who seek to be a Child of God.  We are affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists, the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the NC Council of Churches.

We are seeking candidates called to serve through worship and music leadership as a full time member of our ministerial staff.  We welcome all those interested to apply regardless of denominational affiliation.  Further information regarding the position and our church may be found at
Interested applicants should provide the following to

A cover letter;
A resume reflecting your educational and professional experience; and 
A video response not to exceed three (3) minutes responding to one of the two following prompts:**
Describe a time when you felt God guiding you to music and worship ministry; or
How does music and worship connect to the church’s work in our community?
**In the event video files exceed attachment limits, please provide a link to your video response on any video posting website you prefer (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

Upon receipt of the items above, we will acknowledge receipt of your application and keep you apprised as we review and begin scheduling interviews. The application process will remain open through August 11, 2023.


Peace of Christ Church is searching for a part-time Worship Leader to join our creative, collaborative, non-hierarchical team. Read the full description here. 

Email with inquiries. Please include a cover letter, resume, and links to any samples leading, performing, or playing music. 


First Baptist Weaverville, North Carolina, is seeking a Minister of Music to help us engage our community through music. The position will be approximately 15 hrs a week and include responsibilities like shaping the musical aspects of worship, leading the choir and congregation in singing, and encouraging musical expression and education. We’re seeking someone who can work in a collaborative atmosphere, expanding our church’s ministry through music, with an appreciation for classic hymns and also new substantive artists.

The church’s current worship service is a traditional-liturgical style but is open to thoughtful inclusions of different worship experiences. Weaverville is about 15 minutes north of Asheville, and is a beautiful small town in the vibrant Western North Carolina mountains. First Baptist is a mid-size church that partners with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and is ready to grow into its full potential.

For more information, view the job description. To apply, e-mail


Peoples Church of Flint in Flint, MI, is looking for a settled pastor.
We are an Open and Affirming church that believes in following Jesus’s way of social justice. Our small but feisty congregation is on a journey that took us from a traditional church building to a re-purposed building in downtown Flint where we continue our journey of learning how to be good stewards, better neighbors and find new ways of connection and service within our community.
Peoples Church (formerly Woodside Church of Flint, formerly First Baptist Church of Flint) has been traditionally and continues to be a progressive Christian community. We are committed to nurturing freedom, honesty, diversity and living Jesus’ way of social justice. We have been involved in the Flint Community and in social justice issues in Flint, the State of Michigan and nationally.
We take the Bible seriously, but not literally; we provide safe space for people who have been hurt by church to explore what it means to be church for each other. Here, we love first, and figure out the rest later. We are a questioning congregation that welcomes questions and seeks answers together.
We actively participate in the Creation Justice network. We have participated in the Poor People’s Campaign in Michigan and sent a delegation to the Mass Poor People Assembly and the Moral March in Washington. We share our facilities free of charge, providing office and meeting space for MADE Institute, a non-profit Flint organization assisting returning citizens from prison and with the Hispanic Cultural Center.
We are looking for a pastor who can be a partner on our journey as we explore ways to be of real service to our neighborhood, the Flint community and the world.
If you are interested, please contact us at to request our Church Profile. You can also visit our church website to learn more about who we are at

View a full job description.

To apply, send your resume or professional profile (including denominational endorsements) to: