Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities

The Alliance wants to help connect you with places you can serve, find a theological home and pursue God’s justice.
Ministry opportunities come in many forms in Alliance life! We have ministry position openings and volunteer opportunities submitted from various partners and friends from around the world.

To list a ministry opening with the Alliance of Baptists, please contact Kristy Pullen, the website specialist. It is a one-time fee of $40 and your listing will run for 90 days (unless otherwise requested). You may pay the fee here and note: ministry openings. The Alliance wants to help connect you with places you can serve, find a theological home and pursue God’s justice.


Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice is seeking a Conference Coordinator for its April 2022 Virtual Advocacy Days event. The Conference Coordinator will build on the dynamic tradition established by previous annual meetings and be committed to facilitating an ongoing exploration of ways to make the 2022 event and future conferences even more exciting and powerful, with the goal of expanding our impact on the domestic and international policies we address. Experience in working with ecumenical relations and faith-based organizations, and a working knowledge of the denominational church world and familiarity with Christian theology is a plus.

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Lake Shore Baptist Church of Waco, Texas, seeks a full-time Pastor who has the spiritual depth, skills, and experience needed to inspire, lead, and unify our congregation during a time of transition. Lake Shore is a welcoming and affirming community of Christians who are attempting to discover, articulate, and embody the meaning of the Gospel in the world today. We are affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and commit ourselves to meaningful worship, freedom of thought, and social justice.

Our pastor will share the inclusive values of Lake Shore Baptist Church; will be a gifted preacher who draws on theological scholarship and personal insight; will have strong leadership skills and several years of experience working cooperatively with pastoral staff and lay leadership; will have a welcoming personality and commitment to pastoral care; and will exhibit a high level of emotional maturity and understanding of group dynamics. A Master of Divinity or higher degree from an accredited theological seminary is required.

For much more information, see
Or contact Kristi SoRelle, Chair of the Search Committee, at


If you are a thoughtful preacher who appreciates good coffee and stimulating conversation, we encourage you to read on.  If you have a passion for engaging the political and social issues of the world and your community, we encourage you to read with particular attention.  You might think you’ve been dropped into the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting from the 1950s until you look a little closer.  Yes, that’s a microbrewery down there on the corner, but it’s the big gray stone Gothic church on the other corner that really draws your attention.  The one with the gay pride flag hanging by the door and the transgender justice banner on the lawn.  
Meet the United Church of Granville, where a rather particular congregation has been bringing the Gospel to bear on the issues of the day for more than two hundred years.  If you stop in to visit, you’ll hear about the challenges of siting a low-barrier homeless shelter in nearby Newark.  Someone will likely announce details of the upcoming volunteer trip (the twenty-third annual) to Nicaragua to help at a sustainable agriculture demonstration farm.  One of the kids might ask you to help make sandwiches for distribution to hungry folk.  And you’ll hear music, and preaching that will both sting and comfort.

This place draws those who are compelled to work for change, whether it’s in their work places or out on the street.  It’s a community that loves to get together to sing and eat and share each others’ passions.  It’s a place where people get tired and need a hand and a kind word and, sometimes, a pep talk.  There’s hunger here to make a difference in the world, both as individuals and as a highly visible public institution. Thus the flags and banners and street corner demonstrations.

And it’s also a place where many (including those whose spiritual experiences are non-Christian) draw sustenance from a rigorous reading of theology and the Gospel; a place where parents expect their children and young adults to grow up understanding that our calling is to integrity, truth, and reconciliation.  It’s a place where environmental consciousness struggles with an old and leaky icon of a building.  In nearly every way, it epitomizes the UCG identity as a home for faith that seeks, hope that transforms, and love that works.

Being a traditional church in these times is hard work.  Maybe there’s another way to be church that’s better suited to our time and place.  If you’re attracted to the possibility of exploring that with us as we carry on our day-to-day efforts, consider sending us your resumé.  Deadline: August 15, 2021

Contact Tom Burkett


Location: Northwest Washington D.C.

Seeking Ordained Half-Time Pastor

The Palisades Community Church (PCC) in Northwest Washington D.C. is a small, inclusive, multi-denominational church united by its members’ love of Christ and each other. This progressive church seeks a settled half-time pastor to begin by September 27, 2021, if possible. We are dedicated to building community amidst diversity of race, age, lifestyle, and belief, and are affiliated with the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC).

In 2020, PCC launched a non-profit called the Palisades Hub, under the direction of an Executive Director–already in place–to manage the church’s building as a gathering place for the broader community to “connect, learn and serve.” This frees the church from many administrative duties, making it possible to redefine our vision and actions for the future. We now seek an ordained pastor to inspirit our engagement with each other and the community by providing thoughtful sermons and services; communicating effectively with members and neighbors; and organizing activities. The pastor must be able to work within our democratic framework for decision making. Salary will be offered commensurate with the candidate’s experience, preaching, leadership, outreach, and pastoral skills.

Interested applicants should visit our website at for the application package. Applications are welcome early; we intend to stop receiving applications on June 30, 2021.


LOCATION: 6707 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75230

Diverse people united in Christ
Royal Lane Baptist Church is an inclusive, multi-generational community of believers in God as
revealed in Jesus Christ. As a progressive and autonomous Baptist church, we value the freedom
to minister alongside other groups, both Christian and non-Christian. We are a vibrant
welcoming and affirming mosaic of ethnicities, racial identities, sexual orientations, gender
identities, and socioeconomics. We affirm the sacredness, dignity, and equality of every person.
Interim Pastor Position
Royal Lane Baptist Church, established in 1952, is seeking an Interim Pastor to lead its 272
active member congregation while it completes a search for a full-time Senior Pastor. Royal
Lane, based in Dallas, is affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists and Fellowship Southwest. The
Interim Pastor will be a full-time position reporting to the Deacon Chair and have responsibility
for providing spiritual and institutional leadership and guidance through preaching, teaching,
pastoral care, and administration. The Interim Pastor will play an important role in supporting
and coordinating the church staff – Minister of Music and Worship, Minister to Children and
Interim Minister to Youth, administrative staff, and pastoral intern – and working closely with
elected church leadership to ensure that the ministries to which Royal Lane is committed
continue to thrive during this interim period. The Interim Pastor will assist the congregation
through a healthy transition process, providing leadership, guidance and challenge as the
congregation explores and clarifies its sense of vision, identity and mission in preparation for the
calling of the next Senior Pastor.
The position is open as of June 1, 2021, with the ability to commit up to one year with extension
if needed. The Interim Pastor may not seek the position of Senior Pastor.

The Interim Pastor must possess at least a Master of Divinity or equivalent educational
credentials (DMin preferred). Interim or Transitional Ministry Training is preferred and any
applicant must be able to demonstrate having had successful experiences in leading a diverse
congregation, especially during times of change and seasons of interim. In addition, the Interim Pastor must possess the following characteristics:
Effective Communicator – Clearly articulates biblically based sermons that inspire congregants
to become more active participants in their spiritual development and the ministries we support.
Must also possess subject matter expertise on materials presented to congregation and for Bible
Strong Interpersonal Skills – A welcoming personality to all congregants, ministers, and staff as
individuals and in groups.
Culturally Proficient/Values Diversity – Understands and appreciates that Royal Lane members
and our community are diverse and supports their participation in the various ministries of the
church, including preaching.
Passionate – Has a clear sense of calling to interim ministry and is as dedicated to this calling as
if it were a full-time, long-term position.
Collaborative – Works well with church staff, volunteers, committee chairpersons and
congregation to design and implement programs to meet the needs of members and the ministries
to which we are called.
Strong Facilitation/Mediation Skills – Able to listen to all perspectives and to work with various
personalities to resolve issues, develop programs, and promote Royal Lane in the larger
Visionary – Able to lead us in imagining and envisioning a fulfillment of our mission and core
values while working with the congregation to implement programs in achieving it.
Interested individuals can submit their resume and any other applicable information to or to Royal Lane Baptist Church, 6707 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX 75230
attn: Interim Search Committee.

This job description is approved by the Personnel Committee and the Executive Deacon


LOCATION: 110 SE Maynard Road, Cary, NC 27511

Greenwood Forest Children’s Center (GFCC), a program of the non-profit Greenwood Forest Baptist Church (GFBC), is seeking to hire a Director for GFCC. This is a three-quarter time (30 hours), year-round position. Paid Time Off will be given in addition to holidays, and the amount of PTO will be determined by years of experience, with 3 weeks being the minimum. This position also includes health coverage. The salary range is $32,000-$40,000 per year, depending on experience/qualifications.
College degree required. Master’s degree preferred. Degree in Early Childhood Education referred. 3-5 years of relevant experience required. Experience as a director or assistant director preferred. NC Early Childhood Administration credentials preferred. Must demonstrate strong leadership, management, and organizational skills. Must have NO criminal convictions for child related offenses, including neglect or abuse.

GFCC has been serving the educational needs of our community for 54 years. The church began GFCC in 1967 as one of the first integrated kindergartens in Cary. We began as a kindergarten before public kindergarten was offered through Wake County Public Schools. We are a diverse school with children and families from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Last year, before we had to close our doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had 16 classrooms, 200 children enrolled, and 35 staff members. As we open our doors in the fall of 2021, we are seeking a director who can lead us through the challenges of operating safely in light of the pandemic and a director who can provide vision for how GFCC can further align with GFBC’s vision to better meet the needs of our community and our neighbors.

While the preschool is a secular educational program, it is supported by GFBC, which is a religious non-profit. GFBC is an inclusive community of faith, which means that we welcome, affirm, and include all people in their diversity of genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. We expect the director of our childcare center to show commitment to this vision in how they lead and direct the center’s operations. GFBC values, and wishes to maintain, the secular instruction central to GFCC and welcomes children of all faiths and none.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Applicant Review will begin on March 1.

View or download full position description.


Position: Co-Director of the Alliance of Baptists

Location: 1801 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27605-1697

Employment Status: Full time 

Accountable To: The Board of Directors of the Alliance of Baptists, Inc. in partnership with the other Co-Director 

Organizational Background: Founded in 1987, the Alliance of Baptists is a group of progressive Baptists and Christians committed to enacting God’s love and justice in the world. Coming out of a long tradition of dissent and historic Baptist freedoms, the mission of the Alliance has been to reimagine the ways Baptists might more fully embrace God’s dream for the world. Today we are a faith community comprised of people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, theological beliefs, and ministry practices. The lay leadership and clergy in our organization and in our churches reflect that diversity.

 The Alliance continues to imagine ways to cultivate beloved community, claiming our prophetic identity within the body of Jesus Christ in the world. In 2018, the Alliance board commissioned a Racial Justice Task Group, composed of a diverse group of Alliance members, to do an analysis of the organization and our way of being in the world. Currently the Alliance is seeking a leader to guide the organization in implementation of the recommendations from the Task Group for dismantling systemic racism within the Alliance and its congregational and ministry partners as well as continuing the growth of the Alliance’s ministry. 
Responsibilities: The Co-Directors will work in a co-equal relationship. 

Individual responsibilities 

Strategic Leadership 
• Providing visionary leadership for and representing the Alliance in ministry settings, with ecumenical, advocacy and ministry partners, partner organizations, congregations, theological schools and students.
• Coordinating the centering of racial justice and implementation of antiracist policies and goals within the Alliance as established by the board and defined by the Racial Justice Task Group.
• Engage with the churches participating in the THRIVE for Racial Justice project, a learning community of  25 Alliance congregations committing to addressing systemic racism in their context, accompanied by three sociologists of religion, and funded by the Lilly Endowment.
• Advance an intersectional vision for the future of the Alliance.

Relationship Building 
• Engaging in outreach, ministry, mission and strategic visioning of the Alliance’s mission and programs, seeking to link those who have gifts to be shared with where their gifts are needed. This is to be achieved by developing and maintaining meaningful partnerships, both domestically and globally, in order to enhance the Alliance’s work for God’s justice in our world.
• Traveling one-third to one-half time of the full-time work hours, representing the Alliance by visiting churches, attending meetings, calling on donors, consulting with theological students, ministers and congregations, providing support to congregations, deepening connections with international ministry partners; and preaching.
• Understanding this position to be a calling that supports the Alliance of Baptists and the Body of Christ.
• Working collaboratively with the other Co-Director and staff in a team environment.
• Maintaining accountability to the Covenant of the Alliance, other staff members, the Board of Directors, and the membership of the Alliance.
• Overseeing the contributions of specialists, staff, and volunteers. 

Public Witness & Advocacy
• Serving as the “face” and “voice” of the Alliance, articulating a vision of the Alliance’s work in the world.
• Frequently attending worship services and programs, speaking publicly, and preaching, in an effort to cultivate strong relationships and attract new members for the Alliance.
• Developing and nurturing relationships with ecumenical and interfaith partners of the Alliance and representing the Alliance in such boards/committees as the National Council of Churches.
• Serving as the Alliance liaison for advocacy and justice issues, working with volunteer representatives to address current issues and advancing Alliance priorities related to LGBTQAI+ and racial justice.
• Serving as ‘leader of communion’ for purposes of signing statements on behalf of Alliance.

• Develop and execute fundraising strategy with support from the Congregational Engagement Team member.
• Guiding the fundraising efforts of the Alliance by nurturing relationships with the board of directors, individual supporters, congregations, and foundations.
• Engage and steward donors by writing thank you notes, participating in strategic visits with donors and making fundraising asks of congregations. 

Shared Responsibilities 
• Leading the Alliance in addressing systemic racism.
• Working primarily in a virtual workspace with face-to-face meetings on a regular schedule with the other Co-director and staff of five.
• Hire staff, direct the work of and conduct bi-annual reviews with staff.
• Collaborate in setting the agenda for and leading weekly staff meetings.
• Contributing to theme development, writing, and editing of various communications that promote the work and ministry of the Alliance for internal and external publication.
• Serving as a liaison with other leaders as a non-voting member of committees and communities, as assigned by the Alliance President and/or as needed.
• Presenting a semi-annual report to the Board, summarizing activities and accomplishments for the prior six months.
• Participate in organization-wide budgeting along with co-director and staff.
• Serve as a thought partner for co-director. 

• Theological education or equivalent educational background is required. Lived experience that supports our work is a plus.
• Extensive experience in working within the faith community.
• Passion for racial justice along with a strong ability to execute work with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens.
• Experience in non-profit settings and an understanding of governance structures.
• Experience in community organizing, program direction, fundraising, facilitating meetings, making presentations, volunteer management, mentoring, and preaching.
• Minimum of five years’ experience in program management or a similar role.
• Demonstrated awareness of current events and their intersection with the mission and vision of the Alliance.
• Collaborative leadership style.
• Demonstrated ability to build relationships, bringing people together around common concerns.
• Demonstrated success working with the constituency of the Alliance, especially with LGBTQIA+,  Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), and People of Color and people of diverse religious backgrounds.
• Successful experience managing/directing goal-oriented planning and outcomes.
• Demonstrated experience in a variety of communication media, print, broadcast, web, social media.
• Demonstrated success in raising funds to support an organization.
• Organized self-starter and self-directed worker and a good team player.
• High level imagination and possibilities thinker able to manage the work of others.
• Ability to maintain healthy boundaries.
• Valid Driver’s license and vehicle insurance. 


The Alliance of Baptists is committed to equity and inclusion. People of color and individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of a person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation or expression), national origin, ethnic background, citizenship status, age, disability, or genetic information.

The Alliance has retained Elinvar to conduct this search. For confidential consideration, please send your resume and a cover letter to The position will be open until filled, and we encourage you to apply promptly.  

Download the position description.


Part-Time Children and Youth Director

Location: 4949 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004

Duties of a Children and Youth Director include:

Manage all activities related to the children and teenagers of Covenant Church, ages 0-18 years:
– Act as main communication point with parents, childcare staff, minister, and children and youth volunteers.
– Plan weekly Sunday school lessons and activities for all classes.
– Help plan and participate in three week-long summer camps (two sleep away camps: one for children and one for youth and one day camp at Covenant for children with youth helpers) and one weekend winter camp for
– Execute multiple service projects and social activities for various age groups throughout the year.
– Youth/Mentor Guidance
– Children & Youth Sunday
– Advent activities
– Volunteer opportunities for children, youth, and their families
– Easter Egg hunt with neighborhood community
– Hire and manage all nursery and childcare staff, coordinate all volunteers with children and youth including running background checks and child safety training.
– Ensure compliance to the Child Safe Policy for all staff and volunteers working with children and youth. Update the Child Safe Policy as necessary with Church Council.
– Manage the annual budget for Children & Youth activities.
– Organize all fund raisers for Children & Youth, including an annual auction.
– Serve as member of Church Council and the Children & Youth Committee.
– Maintain a list of all children and youth, based on age/birthday.

This is a part-time salaried position, 20 hours per week, including Sundays. Salary commensurate with experience.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree, experience working with children, annually pass a background check and child safety training, excellent communication skills, knowledge of MS office suite, Mac computer, HIGHLY organized.

About Us: Covenant Church affirms the sanctity, dignity, and equality of all human beings. We welcome persons of all racial and ethnic heritages, all sexual orientations, all gender identities, and all faith perspectives. We stand for each individual’s right to worship God and to respond to God’s call in their own understanding of God’s love. Please make sure you have reviewed our website and know who we are before applying:

All interested candidates should submit their resumes to


Full-Time Pastor

Location: 3515 Grandview Ave, Louisville, KY 40207

St. Matthews Baptist Church (SMBC), Louisville, Kentucky, is seeking a Senior Pastor. Located in a suburb of eastern Jefferson County, SMBC is a multi-generational, mission-minded, and caring congregation with a resident membership of 1055. SMBC is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

The successful candidate will be a visionary leader who preaches biblically inspired sermons, values various theological views, is a caring pastor to existing fellowship, and engages new members. He/she will have strong planning/ organizational skills and a leadership style that builds teamwork. They will have an engaging personality that stems from a genuine interest in others and the desire to be God’s witness in every situation.

Minimum requirements are a Master of Divinity and experience leading a thriving church. Interested candidates can view the pastor and church profiles and apply at

Applications will be accepted through June 30, 2021.


LOCATION: 50 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201

University Baptist Church is a Welcoming and Affirming Church within the American Baptist Churches USA. We are located in an urban area of Columbus, Ohio, adjacent to The Ohio State University. Our small and vibrant congregation is seeking a part-time pastor (up to ¾ time) to lead, guide, teach and pray for us. We have developed a strategic plan that seeks to minister to the community in new and creative ways and we seek a person who can embrace and help guide the implementation of our new vision. Our hope is that through meaningful worship, mission-based service opportunities, and shared learnings, we will introduce others to the beloved community and invite them to join the faith journey of discipleship. Preference will be given to candidates with a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. 

For a more complete overview of our community, please see our website:

Enquiries and resumes may be sent to Orin Newberry, Search Committee Chair, at