Are you interested in being endorsed by the Alliance of Baptists?

What is Endorsement?

Endorsement is an exclusive covenant relationship between the Alliance of Baptists and the clergy persons the Alliance endorses. The Alliance provides guidance, support and discernment to those seeking to enter pastoral/spiritual care ministry and provides support to those who serve in these ministries. Endorsement is an official declaration by the Alliance of Baptists that a person meets the Alliance’s standards to serve in a specialized ministry setting of chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, or clinical education. Endorsed clergy represent the Alliance, adhering to our ethical standards and living out our mission and covenant statements.  Endorsed clergy persons demonstrate ongoing participation in the life of the Alliance, as well as maintaining communication and accountability to the Alliance.

What is the Endorsement Process and Timeline?

The Alliance Endorser receives applications for Endorsement quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. All materials are submitted electronically to the Endorser at

Within six weeks of submitting your application, an Endorsement Council member will contact you to coordinate a Zoom interview. The interview is conducted by the appointed Endorsement Council member and the Endorser. 

It is the intent of the Alliance to notify you of our decision according to the schedule below. If the decision will be delayed beyond these dates, you will be informed of the delay.

Application submitted by: Decision rendered by:
January 1March 31
April 1June 30
July 1September 30
October 1December 31

Once approved for Endorsement you will receive a celebratory phone call or email. In addition you will receive a letter and a certificate of Endorsement. For military chaplains the Endorser will complete the NCMAF form.

For more details on the endorsement process refer to the Endorsement Manual.

The Endorsement Manual includes information on:

  • Prerequisites for Endorsement
  • Application and Interview Process
  • Education Equivalency
  • Tranferring Endorsement

To apply for Endorsement, complete the application and reference forms. All materials are submitted digitally to

Documents and Forms

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