Pushing Beyond a Hopeful Beginning

By Carol Blythe and Rick Goodman

The Biden-Harris Administration got off to a hopeful beginning with executive orders and a few legislative proposals.

The executive orders in some cases offer an immediate change of course from the previous administration. For example, the U.S. has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which means our nation has united with the rest of the world in seeking to set and reach goals related to addressing climate change. Sign up for emails from Creation Justice Ministries, an Alliance advocacy partner, for more information on Biden-Harris environmental actions.

The Biden-Harris Administration has also taken first steps to overturn the odious immigration policies and practices of the past administration. They have reinstated the Dream Act program which protects over 700,000 people and allows them to go to school or work.

Finally, the Biden-Harris Administration has signaled that it will be offering legislative proposals that promise to help build a safer and more just society including a stimulus package, an immigration package and support for passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

While these initial actions are consistent with Alliance statements, there is much more that needs to be done. Based on our Alliance statements and our multi-year effort to examine and become an antiracist organization, we must continue to push for antiracist practices and policies in our broader context.

The time is ripe for the Alliance, other progressive faith groups and others in civil society, to push. We must push for healthcare for everyone, for voting rights legislation that overcomes racist voter suppression, for care for creation, for just, humane and comprehensive immigration reform, for economic justice in housing, food security, living wages, and for a change in what Dr. King referred to as the evil of militarism.

Now is the time for the Alliance to take action — based on our statements and our antiracist focus – we, the Alliance of Baptists congregations and members, must push and advocate for progressive changes in federal legislation and administration action.

If you are interested in advocating with others in the Alliance of Baptists on issues with Congress or the Biden-Harris Administration, sign up for the Clear Voice Network by emailing clearvoicenetwork@gmail.com.

Carol Blythe and Rick Goodman, as volunteers, coordinate advocacy for the Alliance of Baptists at the federal level. They attend Congressional meetings on behalf of the Alliance, share organizational sign-on opportunities with the Board of Directors and share broader advocacy opportunities for Alliance members through the Clear Voice Network. They are members at Alliance congregational partner Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

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