Peace Cathedral of the Republic of Georgia Supports Ukrainian Refugees

Active Hope Ministry Partner the Peace Cathedral has been engaged in support of Ukrainian refugees coming to Georgia since the Russians invaded the country on the 25th of February. The Peace Cathedral has been holding peace vigils every Friday and has also organized a large interfaith vigil on the 3rd of April, which was attended by all the ambassadors and diplomats accredited to Georgia. The congregation was addressed by the Ukrainian Ambassador. Ambassadors and UN representatives did scripture readings and offered prayers in Italian, Hebrew, English, Aramaic, Armenian, German and Georgian languages.

We have been providing assistance to the refugees that come to Georgia before they go to other countries. The church-owned Beteli Center is being flooded by Ukrainian refugees. Until now we have been looking after them from the funds designated for other projects, therefore we are getting stretched financially as well as emotionally. 

If there are any churches in the Alliance that may be interested to help us in helping Ukrainians we will be more than happy to receive the aid which will be distributed among the refugees and also people suffering in Ukraine. I am planning to go to Ukraine and identify the needs we can help with. There are so many things that need to be done, but the resources are really scarce. One of the plans we have is to organize a summer camp for Ukrainian Children, if necessary resources are identified.



If you or your congregation would like to give to Peace Cathedral to aid in their Ukrainian relief, please make a gift here and mark your gift with the note: “Peace Cathedral”.

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