Live Your Life Out Loud

By Lisa Dunson, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Alliance of Baptists

I am unashamedly Black, Female, Queer, Christian and Ordained, and for me the lines don’t blur when it comes to walking in my truth and in the full humanity and diversity of who God created me to be. I’ve always been blessed to be surrounded by people who live their truth out loud and who boldly walk in their truth, so I know no other way to live my life. I am who I am and as I write this, I believe there would be an unrestrainable craziness to my life if I tried to live it any other way. 

Think about it: Black, Female, Queer, Christian, Ordained. That represents five places of intersectionality in my life; however, that is not all there is to me. If I were to bring in the other intersections of who I am and not live and walk in the intersections of my truth, I would be, in the words of my grandmother, “stark raving mad.”

What I am clear about is that God makes no mistakes, and if I were to live my life unauthentically…or compartmentalize the many parts of my life based on where I am or who I am around…or not embrace and honor all of who I am…then I would not be honoring God or ‘the God in me.’ I would not be honoring the magnificence and majesty of who God created me to be. 

Live your life out loud! Live your life proud! Live your life as the diverse, beautiful, and anointed human being you are and that God created you to be!!

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