Purpose Statement
The Hastey-Holt Legacy Circle was created to honor those who have remembered the Alliance of Baptists in their estate plans through a documented planned gift. More so, the Hastey-Holt Legacy Circle serves to enable members and friends to contribute to the future of the Alliance and secure its vitality for the next generation of prophetic voices. Join the Hastey-Holt Legacy Circle and complete the online form to secure the future legacy of the Alliance of Baptists!

Hastey & Holt

In its fledgling years, Stan Hastey and Jeanette Holt joined the work of the Alliance of Baptists, and together they provided steady leadership for the organization for nearly twenty years. With deep roots within Baptist Life, and as former employees of the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs, they led the Alliance bringing both a deep commitment to religious liberty, as well as a strong credibility for those who were uncertain about the new organization’s direction.

Beginning in 1989, Hastey and Holt were the public faces of the Alliance of Baptists, guiding the organization through both times of growth and challenge; remaining committed to the organization in its bold move to include the full embrace of the LGBTQ community in its life and ministry. Their dedication significantly impacted clergy, local congregations, and ministry and ecumenical partners in and outside the United States, as they worked from their offices at First Baptist Church of the City of Washington D.C.

The willingness and ability of Stan Hastey and Jeanette Holt to carry the organization during its early years, allowed the Alliance to flourish into an organization today which claims strong member-driven leadership. Just as they gave the young Alliance of Baptists a future beyond its founding, the Hastey-Holt Legacy Circle sustains that future for generations to come.

Types of Planned Giving

A Bequest in a Will is the easiest and most common way of making a planned gift. You can designate a percentage of your estate, a specific sum of money, or a specific asset. The Alliance could also be named as a contingent beneficiary.

Life Income Gifts include charitable gift annuities, a charitable remainder trust, or a pooled income fund. These gifts offer you and/or designated beneficiaries income for life. Upon your passing, the Alliance would receive the gift. Generally, life income gifts reduce or eliminate certain taxes and guarantee an income in perpetuity.

Life insurance can be used to make a generous gift to the Alliance of Baptists. A planned gift through life insurance could “endow” your annual pledge to the Alliance of Baptists. You can: purchase a new policy and make the Alliance the owner and beneficiary of the policy; make the Alliance the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy you no longer need; name the Alliance a contingent beneficiary of an existing policy.

For life estate, real estate or other restricted securities gifts, please contact the Alliance staff.

Visit this page to view the Alliance of Baptists Gift Acceptance Policy.

How to Join
Joining the Hastey-Holt Legacy Circle is easy! Fill out the enrollment form below. Download a Legacy Circle brochure at this link. For questions, or to request a paper copy of the legacy brochure, contact Jason Smith at (866) 745-7609 or jason@allianceofbaptists.org.

Enroll here.

For determining the best approach to leaving a legacy gift to the Alliance of Baptists, please consult your tax, legal, and/or financial advisors.

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