The Alliance of Baptists was catapulted from a resounding “Yes!”

 On the surface it looked otherwise. At the time, in 1987, we were Southern Baptists declaring “No” to the turns toward biblical inerrancy, exclusive male clergy, autocratic pastoral leadership, narrow denominationalism, piety without social and economic justice, and the violation of state/church separate freedoms. Our covenant was a counter “Yes” to each turn.

But in retrospect, there was a deeper Yes at work. We were expressing Yes to our sense of God's movement through the church in our day. This Yes of discernment has been the continuity amid the discontinuities. Immediately this Yestook on new manifestations—theological education, mission as partnership, interracial and interfaith relationships, welcoming differing sexual identities, ecological justice and Alliance structure as partnership.  

The forms of Yes vary; the courage to risk our discernments of Yes remain . . . and will remain.

—Mahan Siler, an Alliance founder