The Alliance believes in exercising a public voice about social injustices like Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the ban on Cuba travel and Gun Violence Prevention through the crafting of statements that represent the Alliance body. Prior statements adopted are below. Advocacy letters the Alliance has signed onto are available here.

At our Annual Meeting, we consider statements submitted by communities or individuals. These statements are often a call to ourselves to pay attention -- to learn more about the particular issue. The statements are a basis for the staff or board to endorse positions on behalf of the Alliance of Baptists. They offer an opportunity for Alliance of Baptists congregations and members to join together in boldly addressing an issue with some faithful action.  We have a time in the Annual Meeting to ask clarifying questions about the statements submitted. Then, we will consider together if we can reach consensus on affirming the statements.

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Statements affirmed by the Board of Directors at the October 1, 2016 Board Meeting

Statements affirmed at the annual business meeting, April 9, 2016:

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