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How can people of faith engage in constructive conversations about sexuality when we are more aware than ever of its complexity and diversity? When the word “sex” itself can elicit conflict and division, is it possible to move beyond schisms to dialogue and discernment? How do modern understandings of human sexuality inform a holistic sexual ethic? The Alliance of Baptists hosted a justice-focused event that explored ways we can work together to bring sex to light. 

The conference explored:

  • How our understanding of sexuality changed over time;
  • How cultures, institutions and faith traditions approach sexuality – both in the past and in our current moment;
  • Guiding principles for developing a contemporary sexual ethic; and
  • How people of faith reclaim sex as a gift from God and support healthy sexuality in our communities. 

We now offer a variety of resources from the conference for your use.

All of the materials provided on this resource page are offered up by the JustSex organizers, speakers, and facilitators in order expand the impact of the conference. You are free to utilize the material for your own personal use and for non-monetary purposes within your faith community. Please do not circulate widely or adapt any of these materials without the explicit consent of the original creators. If you have any questions, you may contact Carole Collins from the Alliance of Baptists.

Click on the following links to access the resources:

Breakout workshops

Thursday PM Keynote

Friday AM Bible Study (Song of Songs)     PowerPoint

Friday AM Keynote                                     PowerPoint

Friday PM Bible Study (Susanna)               PowerPoint

Friday PM Keynote                                      PowerPoint

Saturday AM Bible Study                            PowerPoint

Saturday AM Keynote

Plenary Talks (host on YouTube)

Bill Stayton (part 1):  PowerPoint

Bill Stayton (part 2):  PowerPoint

Kelly Brown Douglas: VIDEO and transcript

Marvin Ellison: VIDEO and transcript

Sermons & Worship

Thursday worship: VIDEO and sermon transcript

Saturday worship: sermon transcript

Sheet music (only reproduce music created by Don Schlosser and Micah Bucey)

Small Groups

Discussion guides and group guidelines

Related Content from Touch Podcast

Interview with Bill Stayton

Interview with Bromleigh McCleneghan (part 1)

Interview with Bromleigh McCleneghan (part 2)

Interview with Marvin Ellison

Interview with Linda Kay Klein

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