Guided by the Spirit

Combining progressive inquiry, contemplative prayer and prophetic

action to bring about justice and healing in a changing world  

The Alliance of Baptists began in 1987 as a prophetic voice in Baptist life in the southern U.S. Today, we are a faith community comprised of laity and clergy, people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, racial and ethnic backgrounds, geographical locations, theological beliefs, and ministry practices. We are about 4,500 individual members, roughly 140 congregations, with 36 ministry partners knit together by love for one another and God, combining progressive inquiry, contemplative prayer and prophetic action to bring about justice and healing in a changing world.  

The founders of the Alliance drafted a covenant that has been our guidepost for 33 years. Ten years later our mission was added giving shape to our emerging witness. Grounded by the covenant and mission, we have advanced in our ecumenical and interfaith relationships, and in the full inclusion of women and the LGBTQ community in the life and ministry of the church. Our covenant and mission have served as the foundation for our global partnerships, as well as our ecumenical relationships which amplify our prophetic voice for justice and love.  

Continually guided by the Spirit, the leadership of the Alliance appointed a working group who, for two years,  listened, gathered feedback, and labored over a revised covenant to speak to our values and commitments today, and guide us into the future of who God is calling us to be. We offer our gratitude to the Covenant Revisioning Team: Tim Moore, chairperson, Cristina Garcia-Alfonso, Malu Fairley-Collins, Andrew Gardner, Ned Parker, Sally Sarratt and Nancy Hastings Sehested.  

This year at the annual gathering, the revised covenant will be presented for our consideration.  You can access that proposed covenant here.  

Over the next several weeks, you will bear witness to the ways in which our Alliance is living into the values of the proposed covenant. See and hear how we are “guided by the Spirit” today and for the days to come.

Reflections on Proposed Covenant

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  2. Guided by the Spirit: Sustainability
  3. Guided by the Spirit: Peace

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