Clergy Debriefing Sessions

Summer Sessions

Over the past several months as churches have shut down and we’ve turned towards the web and Zoom for connection, the Alliance of Baptists has been experimenting. Through CAIRN (Clergy Affiliate Information and Resource Network), the Alliance has opened up Zoom sounding rooms and debriefing rooms for clergy and chaplains. As we traverse this new landscape, the Alliance is working to provide space for clergy and chaplains to be with people who understand what being in ministry is like. 

This summer we will continue to offer these spaces with the overwhelming conviction that clergy need a space to be with people who just get it. Throughout the summer, clergy (pastors, chaplains, and pastoral counselors) are invited to join in Clergy Debriefing Rooms. We will be exploring a variety of topics led by different facilitators. We will be joined by a variety of folks providing insight, guidance, and space as we lean into how God is calling us to serve in our contexts during these unusual days.

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