Active Hope Partners

These 36 partners create hope around the world! The foundation of each partnership is a relationship built on friendship and understanding, some as long as 25 years. Our Active Hope Partners receive grants annually with the aim of increasing their capacity to respond to needs in their context and chart their own course for ministry. We stand in solidarity with each Active Hope Partner recognizing our mutual empowerment and need for one another. Our 2020 financial commitment to our partners equals approximately 20 percent of our undesignated gifts for the year. Join us in loving the world God so loves by giving to the Alliance today! To request copies of our 2020 Active Hope brochure, email Paula Dempsey. View the brochure here.

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Mutual Partners

African Baptist Churches in Zimbabwe. Endeavoring to reach all corners of Zimbabwe with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ, the African Baptist Churches in Zimbabwe, exists to be a living witness for the Lord Jesus Christ with the intent of evangelizing, making disciples, planting and developing New Testament Churches. The association of churches formed in 2014 around the covenant of the Alliance of Baptists.

Aliança de Batistas do Brasil. If the happy faces of the youth who are part of the Chamber Orchestra of Alto da Mina are any indication, Aliança de Batistas do Brazil is succeeding in its efforts to be a prophetic voice for peace and justice in Latin America. The orchestra—a ministry of First Baptist Church in Bultrins, Olinda—is just one of the programs fostering hope through congregations of the Aliança de Batistas do Brasil. The Alliance of Baptists is proud to boldly and actively walk with its sisters and brothers in Brazil as they seek to faithfully respond to challenging conditions within their context.

Baptist Seminary of Mexico. Baptist Seminary of Mexico President Javier Ulloa describes this unconventional school as “a seminary without walls.” The description fits. Funds from the Alliance offering are used to help seminary students, faculty and administrators to work with some 40 indigenous congregations on the outskirts of Mexico City and in the states of Puebla and Oaxaca. The seminary’s ministries are effective, Javier says, “because the pastors and workers they train are recruited from the indigenous tribes and speak the local languages.” This Baptist seminary thus resonates with core values of the Alliance –authentically free theological education and social and economic justice.

Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia. The Beteli Center—a ministry of Peace Cathedral of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia, the cradle of the Evangelical-Baptist movement in the former Russian Empire and Soviet Union—responds to the spiritual and social needs of people in the country and region. The School of Elijah, housed in the Beteli Center brings together Christians and other faith traditions from East and West for dialogue, education, training, contemplative prayer, iconography and liturgy. 

Fraternidad de Iglesías Bautistas de Cuba. The winds of political change are blowing both in Cuba and the U.S. With them come new hopes of better relations between two governments at odds with one another for more than half a century. While advocating for political change, more than twenty churches affiliated with the Alliance have nurtured friendships and have travelled to Cuba, or welcomed Cuban guests into their homes and churches, through the church-to-church partnerships of the Alliance. This long-standing mission partnership has been the learning laboratory for how best to engage in ministry in mutuality for the Alliance.

Peace Cathedral, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. For 150 years through the leaders and members of Peace Cathedral, Baptists in the Republic of Georgia have been a consistent and prophetic witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ in the region. That witness is lived out in many ways, including through interreligious and intercultural dialogue and understanding, and the promotion of peace and reconciliation. Peace Cathedral also has been instrumental in assisting those who have been sidelined by society, including refugees from other parts of the world, internally displaced persons within Georgia, and those within the LGBTQ community. 150th Anniversary of Peace Cathedral, Republic of Georgia

Seminario Intercultural Mayanese. The Mayan Intercultural Seminary is a non-denominational theological school that seeks to prepare pastoral leaders to respond to the context in which they live and service. SIM is committed to nurturing peace through nonviolence means, bridging cultural divides, and expanding values of the household of God including equity, justice, inclusivity, dialogue, human integrity, reciprocity and a sense of vocation. View the short documentary film entitled "Mayan Voices" here.

Zimbabwe Theological Seminary. The nascent school is committed to making theological education accessible to all persons, and the commitment is realized through a faculty and student body comprised of males and females from many denominational backgrounds. The seminary is a Christian institution shaped by Baptist tradition, piety, ecumenical openness and social concern whose mission is to glorify God by providing quality theological and religious education to prepare pastors, counselors, teachers, scholars and leaders for empowering churches and communities in Zimbabwe. The Lott Carey Missionary Convention joins the Alliance in support of the young theological school.

Service Partners

AMOS Health and Hope, Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, 80 percent of the rural population makes less than $2 a day and suffers from malnutrition and poor health. AMOS seeks to increase access to health care for the poor and helps them own and manage their own health care clinics to treat and prevent the most common illnesses.

Bright Stars of Bethlehem. In an environment of heightened violence, the Bright Stars Program focuses on creating opportunities for children, youth and adults to express their joys and fears, thoughts and visions through life-giving involvement in arts and recreation. Young people growing up surrounded by a concrete wall often see these walls as limiting their future. The Bright Stars Program creates hope for a brighter future. The visionary founder of the Bright Stars Program is Mitri Raheb, pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, who says: “I went through (the violence), but I don’t want that for my children…. Here, with us, we have a strong focus on grace. Christ has already done the big job; now we can do the little jobs.”

Calvary Latino Ministry, Washington, D.C. An “ecumenical, multi-racial, multi-ethnic Christian body that reaches out the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.” That’s how Alliance congregational partner Calvary Baptist Church describes itself, and its Latino Ministry is an authentic reflection of that statement. The church and ministry continue to support its members and the larger community through efforts including bilingual worship and conversation, and Calvary stands ready as a sanctuary church to provide know-your-rights trainings, legal services and even to house a person or a family as needed. Uncertainties abound, but a commitment to the dignity of all remains. 

Crossing Lines, Uganda. Climate change manifested through droughts and human agency in the form of massive tree cutting has hit Uganda and East Africa in a mighty way, crippling life-sustaining agriculture, increasing poverty and sparking disputes over land use and crime. Yet in the midst of it all there is a light of hope in Crossing Lines Africa. The nonprofit dedicated to peace-building has embarked on a project to plant 10,000 trees in 2018, and to sensitize village communities about the importance of tree planting and climate conservation. Crossing Lines Africa and the Alliance pledge to be co-laborers in the field, working actively to bring about the new earth God desires.

Emmaus House, Raleigh, N.C. Men with substance abuse problems comprise much of Raleigh’s homeless population. Thanks to Emmaus House, seven of these men are offered transitional housing in a drug-free environment and long-term assistance to get them back on their feet. All of the men have jobs and must meet specific requirements, including paying a portion of their room and board and attending weekly substance abuse meetings.

Hope Center at Pullen, Raleigh, N.C. The Hope Center is a nonprofit ministry created by Pullen Memorial Baptist Church to expand its ministry to the community. The Hope Center’s ministry includes a twice-a-week lunch/bus ticket distribution, a job readiness program for homeless adults, a tutoring and enrichment program for students, and a successful safety-net for young adults who have graduated from foster care.

Interfaith Chaplaincy, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco. Our funds support the interfaith campus ministry of long-time Alliance member Karen Thomas Smith at the Christian Community of Al Akhawayn University, facilitating dialogue, encounter and service experiences among Muslims, Christians and Jews. Karen also works throughout Morocco with the nine parishes of the Eglise Evangelique au Maroc, specializing in interfaith education and service.

Jitokese Wamama Wafrika, Kenya. Building resilient communities is the aim of Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika, which is especially critical as climate change in the form of droughts has led to water, food and income insecurity. Working both with households that have access to land and those that don’t, the organization trains and mobilizes individuals to organize self-help groups and small business enterprises. Attention is particularly given to landless women and girls, often the most vulnerable and marginalized. Looking ahead in 2018, Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika will be working to secure classroom, dormitory and dining space for its income security program, as well as teachers for primary and secondary subjects.

JourneyPartners, Franklinton, N.C. JourneyPartners is a multifaceted effort to address educational, medical and public health challenges in several countries, with primary emphasis on Zimbabwe. Recent projects have included the building of schools, new well construction, and renovations in a children’s home. JourneyPartners also acts as a channel for the sale of the children’s jewelry made in the Jewels of Hope program for in the U.S., and gives back 100 percent of the proceeds to the program.—a program for AIDS orphans.

Just Bakery Decatur, Ga. A plethora of situations drive people to flee their home countries and seek refugee status in the United States. Poverty, crime and environmental devastation are just some of the reasons men, women and   their families desire a new place to call home. Just Bakery understands the complexities refugees face  and has created a ministry that trains, certifies and hires refugees at a living wage to produce baked goods. As the ministry moves into 2018 it will continue to feature local and sustainable ingredients, highlight the work of farmers and producers and use established kitchen space in lieu of new construction. Earth-friendly packaging also is on the horizon.

Oakhurst Recovery Program, Decatur, Ga. Of the chronically homeless in Atlanta, well over half are single men with addiction to drugs or alcohol. At Oakhurst Recovery center, residents are given a respectful, supportive environment in which they can make significant life changes. The long-term program (10-14 months) addresses the participants’ emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical needs. Oakhurst Recovery Program was begun as mission of Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur.

QC Family Tree, Charlotte, N.C. Since 2005, we have been living in Enderly Park, Charlotte, N.C. because we believe that living here is the best way for us to be converted into the way of Jesus. We have met many friends and neighbors who have been our teachers and companions in discipleship. We have sought to “inspire, enrich, and embody community” in our ministry and in our common life and we have found that we have been inspired by the faithfulness and goodness of those around us. We hope that our lives have at some points enriched the lives of others, whether they are neighbors, friends, or volunteers.

Rauschenbush Metro Ministries, New York City. Whether it’s providing life skills for veterans who’ve experience homelessness, holding tutoring and literacy programs for youth, or making available toiletries, food and clothes for those who are without, Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries is on the front lines of providing direct services and educational support to the most vulnerable living in its community and the city. It is a ministry that has many parts, but that collectively undergirds the poor, oppressed and marginalized in active ways. Hope is tangible through the staff, volunteers and friends of RMM, and the Alliance pledges again in 2018 to partner in this most essential work.

Samaritan Neighborhood Center, Oakland, Calif. Provides a diverse program that adequately meets the educational, physical, emotional and social needs of at-risk children and youth, in order to promote their sense of well-being and THEIR potential to break the cycle of poverty.

Seeds of Hope Publishers, Waco, Texas. Seeds of Hope publishes a series of worship resources called Sacred Seasons, designed to help church leaders lead congregations to understand issues of hunger and justice. The resource is available for download from the Seeds website.

Shekinah, El Salvador. Iglesia Bautista Shekina gathers together to proclaim and witness the love of Jesus Christ trough community and supportive services. We practice and promote the values that contribute to the building of kingdom of God in our context. We celebrate our faith in Jesus Christ and the hope of kingdom of God in trough worship, testimony, community life and service to needy, cultivating spirituality based on the ethical principles of the kingdom of God

Shalom Children's Center, Ghana. Shalom Children's Center serves the area of Twifo Heman, Ghana, as an environment where children are nutritiously fed, lovingly cared for, and educated to realize and fulfill their God-given abilities. The center is a beacon of hope for the mothers and children in the surrounding communities and a model of a caring children's institution with excellence in children's education in the district.

Stewart Center, Atlanta, Ga. This center offers free after-school care for kindergartners through fifth graders in the Pittsburgh community of Atlanta. The center provides transportation from schools to its facility, a snack, homework help, enrichment activities including computer lab time, character building activities and physical activities for the children. Alliance-affiliated Northside Drive Baptist Church in Atlanta is the largest single church contributor to the center.

Strive, Chicago, Ill. When children from poor homes attend schools that routinely score poorly on academic standards tests, it becomes very difficult for those children to succeed. Strive was founded by Ellis Avenue Baptist Church on Chicago’s South side to help supplement the education and recreational opportunities of these children. Strive offers one-on-one tutoring, special classes and a month-long summer day camp to area children.

Our 2020 financial commitment to our partners equals approximately 20 percent of our undesignated gifts for the year. Join us in loving the world God so loves by giving to the Alliance today! To request copies of our 2020 Active Hope brochure, email Paula Dempsey.

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