Henry lauded as 'tireless and vocal advocate for equality and justice'

Posted on May 31, 2019

W. Craig Henry, an attorney and longtime lay leader in his Monroe, La., church and the Alliance of Baptists, has been honored with the Heart of the Alliance Award. A former president of the Alliance and one of its most generous supporters, Henry was cited "for his deep investment of time, energy, gifts and love, which have advanced the spirit of the Alliance of Baptists." 

Reflecting afterwards, Henry said he first learned of the Alliance in a published article soon after its formation in 1987. "In the midst of the turmoil in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Alliance sounded like just the home I was looking for. I immediately mailed a check and have been writing checks ever since!" Concerning his service to the Alliance, first as vice president and then as president, he stated, "I like to think that I provided some important leadership in helping us reach beyond our regional southeast United States roots." 

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