Unity Flag a symbol of justice for all

by Christian McIvor

As a minister at College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C., I am proud to serve a congregation whose members live out the Alliance of Baptists’ commitment to the pursuit of justice on a daily basis. As this work is carried out through a variety of methods and in diverse community settings, it is clear that many social justice streams continue to intersect in profound ways. 

While the work done on behalf of each of these individual causes is no doubt crucial in its own right, a positive symbol that integrates visual aspects of these different movements into one design could potentially be meaningful to all communities that support basic human and civil rights for all people. The Unity Flag is an attempt to do just that, utilizing designs and colors from several human rights/social justice causes and bringing them together in one design.

Colors used include those in the rainbow flag (LGBTQ Pride), as well as those in the Transgender Pride flag. As much as possible these colors are presented as they naturally appear on the UV Spectrum, in clockwise fashion beginning with red on the lower left side of the flag. White, black, dark brown and light brown are used to represent the ideals of racial reconciliation and multicultural unity, including fair and ethical treatment of our immigrant neighbors. 

Each of these colors is given equal representation in the middle of the flag, as these colors are intended to represent people of all colors throughout the world. The absence of any national or religious symbols is deliberate, as this is intended to be a design meaningful to people of all faiths and nations. The colors all meet in and emanate from the middle, symbolizing the interconnectedness and unity of all people.

I initially designed the Unity Flag in late July 2017 with my friend, graphic designer Juni Hylton, who helped me perfect the symbol. College Park, an Alliance congregational partner, had a banner made and my family and I first carried it in the FaithAction Downtown Unity Walk for Immigration Reform in Greensboro on Aug. 5, 2017. That banner now hangs in Forest Chapel at College Park. 

We have since had several batches of car magnets made, which are now being displayed by College Park members and others throughout the Piedmont Triad and beyond as a symbol of basic human and civil rights for all people. We continue to offer Unity Flag car magnets at College Park, requesting an offering of $1 each, which is what the magnets cost to produce. 

Any additional funds received from the magnets go directly toward College Park’s activities in the local community that support the causes the Unity Flag represents. We ask that those who purchase magnets consider taking at least one more than they need. This way, as a ministry, they can have a magnet available to offer the stranger that asks  about the design. The hope is that these magnets will lead to engaging and necessary conversations about the causes the Unity Flag represents, thereby spreading the word of love, understanding, compassion and justice for all. 

I’d love to see the Unity Flag become a positive and unifying symbol for communities across the country and even around the world. As the Unity Flag represents ideals that intimately align with the values of the Alliance of Baptists, I am hopeful that you might find a place for this symbol in your congregation and local community. 

Please consider using the design, available at the link below, for any products that might lead to important conversations about social justice, and please be sure that any profits from these products go directly back toward the causes the Unity Flag represents in your local community. Car magnets are a visible, inexpensive and easy way to get started! A high-resolution image of the Unity Flag design and a description of the flag are available for free at www.facebook.com/unityflag2017. Christian McIvor, Assistant Minister at College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C., can be reached at christianmcivor@gmail.com. 

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