Sunday at the Alliance: Naomi Tutu Leads in Bible Study and Worship

"When we open ourselves to believing the story of the oppressor, we do not see our salvation," said Naomi Tutu during Sunday morning Bible Study. Her focal text, the Road to Emmaus passage from the Gospel of Luke. She shared stories of her life growing up in South Africa with apartheid.

“Apartheid doesn’t win when it projects hate at it. Apartheid wins when we take in that hate and project it back. For these disciples on the Road to Emmaus, I think it is for them that they believe the crucifixion had won, the oppressor had won. They were in darkness even after they had the story,” Tutu said.

As she spoke, she weaved stories of Nelson Mandela, her father Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa, drawing comparisons to the ways empire and oppression can cloud the vision of reality. She said, “When you’re in the space believing the darkness has won, it takes serious light to open your eyes to the hope.”

Naomi Tutu preached during the morning worship service and was joined by the choir from Pullen Memorial Baptist Church. 

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