Spirit abounds in young adult network

by Benjamin Smith

There is a fresh wind and fresh fire blowing through the Alliance of Baptists, and it comes in the form of a new Young Adult Network.

As the Alliance intern this semester I am excited to help usher in this new spirit, and I invite others to join in as we connect on experiences and issues relevant to the life of progressive-minded young adults.

I come to this work as a student at Wake Forest Divinity School, and I have as my base Alliance congregational partner Grace Baptist Church in Statesville, N.C. There are scores of young adults like me who identify with the values of the Alliance, and for whom a network such as this simply makes sense. If that is you, welcome.

A Facebook group already launched has begun to unite us, and more projects are in the works. This Young Adults Network, designed for both lay and clergy, is a way for us to connect around common friends and values, and ultimately to create a real-life network of support as we figure out together what it means to be young Baptists and how this shared identity shapes our daily lives.

The Facebook group is accessible under the “groups” tab on the Alliance of Baptists’ main page. Check it out and tell young adults you know about it. About 130 people already are engaged in the group, and young adults are making new connections, trading contact information, finding common interests, talking about complex issues and uniting with old friends. It is a joy to watch.

Other plans include expanding the young adult presence at the Alliance annual gathering, exploring fundraising for young adult initiatives and further promoting the Summer Communities of Service Program on social media.

This kind of community feels long overdue in the Alliance; I have long craved it for myself, and our young adults are feeling nourished through it. I’m optimistic about its future, and give thanks for what it already is!

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