Speak out against 'public charge' rule change

by Paula Clayton Dempsey

It will only take a few minutes to submit your comments, and it's important that you do so given the current administration's proposed rule that would drastically reshape who we welcome as newcomers to our society. The proposed rule would reshape immigration policy by expanding the definition of who is considered a "public charge," threatening millions of families - many of our neighbors.  

The Nuns on the Bus have made it really easy to express our concerns, and we have until Dec. 10 to take action. Submit your comments today opposing the "public charge" rule, and be sure to personalize them with your own faith convictions and stories of people you know and love who will be impacted by the change.
There are 24 million refugees and 44 million internally displaced people worldwide. Yet the U.S., one of the wealthiest countries in the world, is welcoming fewer and fewer of these families desperately in need of a home and deporting those who have peaceably contributed to our society for years. And, if the Trump administration has its way, the numbers will be reduced even more. 
One-fourth of the children in the U.S. have immigrant parents. They are in danger of family separation, hunger, homelessness and reduced health care unless we speak out now! For more information, check out these interfaith resources. But most importantly, express your opinion now! 

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