Shalom Children's Center

Twifo-Hemang, Ghana

Hello from Shalom Children's Center! Twifo-Hemang, Ghana

We started 2020 with an amazing amount of work getting accomplished. New furniture, a new playground and a new bus. We were looking forward to a year with Christiana Owusu moving from Atlanta back home to her childhood village, Twifo-Hemang. She was ready to help plant and tend to more of her dreams for the children she has been called for decades to care for.  

Along with us, our Ghanaian brothers and sisters hunkered down and tucked dreams away for months.  Eventually we were able to provide PPE supplies to help the jr. high students and teachers return to class to prepare for exams as the town attempted to safely open.  

Then, just as the season to revisit the journey to Bethlehem began, Christiana was able to finally return to Ghana. What a gift to find extra joy in a return home after 26 years in the US. As she packed for this move home, she definitely carried the intangible gifts of Advent with her as well: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. We are thankful for her safe arrival and the cutest welcoming committee anyone could hope for.

As we start 2021 and begin dreaming again, the challenges we face in the US can make it harder to think beyond our own borders. However, when we share our resources with Shalom, it is amazing how our simple gifts can exponentially support over 300 children and the bigger dreams we have had for years. We love knowing we can provide a more nourishing meal, a playground instead of a ring of dirt and adequate wages so we can hire quality teachers. We have been gifted with an opportunity to support Christiana's move back home to provide oversight and, even more importantly, her gift of warmth and love to the students of Shalom Children's Center. Local ownership and management is important to us and we are looking forward to getting more reports from Twifo-Hemang now that Christiana is home again!

Thanks to your continued support we were able to accomplish many dreams in 2020!

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