Seminario Intercultural Mayanese

Pictured: Dalia Juarez Fernández (right) with Zaida Hernandez, president of Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba

April 16, Dalia Juárez Fernández, seminary director writes: "Thank God I'm fine, in this last week some indigenous communities have presented fear, two people in the Simojovel area have taken their lives. COVID-13 has reached the communities, people who worked outside their communities have returned, some have arrived sick, which has caused some families to have been infected. We ask God that his protection be throughout the world."

March 24, Dalia Juárez Fernández, seminary director writes: "Dear brothers and sisters of the Alliance of Baptists, Every day, the attitude of the people of Chiapas changes. International information about COVID-19 has caused some families to panic, not only Mestizo families but also Indigenous families. Although the Mexican government has informed us to be quarantined and remain home, some persons are preparing for any emergency. We know that the most vulnerable communities do not have access to the public health system. The government has narrowed its efforts to strengthening the Mexican armed forces instead of resourcing clinics and hospitals. We hope to God that COVID-19 will not touch the lives of original peoples, and that the Heart of the sky and earth cover us with its love for all of humanity."

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