QC Family Tree Raises over $50,000 for Essential Workers and High-risk Households in Its Community

by Greg Jarrell

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shut downs related to it, QC Family Tree adapted our work to look like a mutual aid project. As federal stimulus checks went out, we appealed to friends and supporters to send unneeded funds from wealthier households, and we would redistribute them into the hands of essential workers and high-risk households.  We created a short campaign, only a few weeks long, to do this, and aimed to raise about $30,000. By the time we finished, we has more than $52,000, all of which went immediately back out into our community. Most of the households we interact with in Enderly Park regularly experiences financial hardship, and so extra money to get ahead on bills, rents, medications, and other essentials was an enormous benefit.  Everything was redistributed with no strings attached, only a statement of solidarity and personal care. We did make one small, informal request, which we knew would reflect the way mutual aid already happens in our neighborhood - that people would take a little bit and share with someone in need. 

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