Join Us for An On-Line Conversation About the Alliance Covenant & Mission

Tuesday, September 17th @ 7 PM Eastern & 7 PM Pacific


September 17th @ 7 PM Eastern & 7 PM Pacific

The newly proposed Alliance Covenant & Mission was revealed at the Annual Gathering at Calvary Baptist Church, D.C. this past April. Small group discussions offered initial feedback on the proposed covenant at Calvary.

To include more Alliance folks on the shaping of our covenant, we are offering an on-line conversation during the evening of Tuesday, September 17th. The Alliance will host two conversations. The first will be held at 7 PM Eastern (6 PM Central / 4 PM Pacific) and a second at 7 PM Pacific (9 PM Central / 10 PM Eastern). Members of the Covenant Conversation Team will be on hand to facilitate the discussion.

Take time to read the covenant below and join us on September 17 for the conversation. To participate in the On-Line Conversation email Tim Moore ( to access the Zoom link. 


We are a people formed from a long tradition of dissent and historic Baptist freedoms. Celebrating this heritage, we seek to cultivate beloved community, claiming our identity within the body of Christ in the world. We welcome all persons with full respect to gender, sexual, racial, and ethnic identities. We value all voices and hold space for all persons with varying abilities, social standing, or economic status.

We lament and confess that historically many of us have benefited from and contributed to systems of racial, social, political, economic, and ecological injustice. As Baptists we have cherished independence from one another more than responsibility to one another, and we have allowed systemic injustices to flourish under the banner of individual freedom. We repent.

Transformed through baptismal waters, we freely gather to follow the way of Jesus. As disciples and congregations we openly respect and wrestle together with scripture, practice shared leadership, and promote religious liberty.

Guided by the Spirit, we commit ourselves to:

• Make the worship of God primary in our gatherings
• Cultivate relationships of mutual respect and accountability
• Establish spaces of refuge and renewal with those who are wounded
• Act to dismantle systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, and abusive power
• Listen to and follow voices that have been silenced
• Work to eradicate poverty in all its forms
• Hold the earth sacred and practice sustainability
• Support theological education for all ages
• Develop ecumenical and interfaith partnerships
• Pursue God’s peace and love
• Break down barriers that divide humanity
• Raise prophetic voices for liberation and justice

We seek to live in joy, humility, and gratitude, nurturing the realm of God. 

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