Nancy Hastings Sehested, Marked for Life: A Prison Chaplain’s Story

Posted on Dec 19, 2019

Long one of our finest preachers, Nancy Hastings Sehested now takes her place as a supremely gifted writer among us. Sehested’s new book chronicles her 13 years as a chaplain in two men’s prisons in North Carolina, the last 10 in a maximum security facility where she distinguished herself as a sensitive, no-nonsense pastor to inmates, many convicted of particularly brutal crimes.

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A new commandment

Posted on May 03, 2019

This Maundy Thursday I found myself in a hospital conference room participating in a goals of care conversation with the large family of a heart surgery patient, the ICU attending physician and a consulting team of palliative care providers. I will admit I was frazzled as I settled into the space. I knew it could be a long and intense meeting, it was already mid-afternoon and I was scheduled to assist with a service at church in a few hours. As is so often the case in my work as a chaplain, I was drawn into the present through the magnetism of storytelling.

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