Brazil in the Face of the Pandemic

Beloved sisters and brothers,

We write this letter in the hope that you may join us in our search for solutions for the severe
problems that Brazil is facing.

As we write this letter, Brazil has surpassed Russia, becoming the country with the
second-largest number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, behind only the United States. In
recent days, despite significant under-reporting, there have been more daily deaths caused by
COVID-19 in Brazil than in the United States. At this time, the number of lives lost due to the
pandemic in Brazil approaches 30,000, and it is anticipated that this number will grow to beyond
100 thousand deaths in the coming months. Amid all the anxiety and anguish that the Brazilian
population faces in this critical moment as our country becomes the new epicenter of the
pandemic, we also have to face a severe political crisis that exacerbates the already very
precarious public health situation. The two crises cannot be dissociated, nor fully understood
apart from what has been going on for some years in Brazil. 


From Paulo Cesar, past president of the Alianca de Batistas do Brasil

In this time of pandemic, we are giving online classes to the students of the Orchestra.  Teachers record videos of classes and activities, send them on Monday morning to students, they study and on Friday students record videos showing their achievement and send it to teachers who evaluate, grade it and  they write it down in the project monitoring books.  Video conferences between teachers and conductor are also held with students.

 Here we are taking care not to get sick, we are still in quarantine.

 I am sending some photos. One day we will look at them and remember everything we lived.  These photos will tell our story, how we suffered and how we overcame a pandemic.  In Brazil, 90,000 people have already died and in the USA I know that 150,000+ people have died, we are together in suffering, in the struggle, and we will be together in victory, despite all the losses.

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