Andrew P. Stewart Center, Atlanta, Georgia

by Clayton Davis

The Stewart Center exists to see our neighbors living purposeful lives in pursuit of their full potential in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of southwest Atlanta. Clayton Davis serves as their director, and he writes March 20: We are working to provide food and other resources to our neighbors. We do get food from the food bank but I'm not sure how that will go as the crisis progresses. Our staff said that it was a mad-house on Tuesday when they went to pick up our order. Local folks have provided some food, which has been helpful.  

We are hearing from some of the residents in our houses (15 total houses) that they are worried about paying their rent and utilities for April. Several have been furloughed and others are worried they're going to lose their jobs. We can tolerate a  month or two of slow/no rent but not many months. We're pursuing partners that can help with rental assistance for our neighbors.  

We are ok financially now. I'm more concerned about the long-term effects of this on our fundraising. Much of our funding seems to come from people's investment income, which is being decimated.  

Gloves and masks are in-kind items that we could use as we continue to engage our neighbors with services.  

We appreciate the thoughts and prayers of Alliance folks. 

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