Alliance Nominating Committee Nominations

In a few short days, we have seen the novel coronavirus shift our schedules, priorities, and communal lives in previously unimaginable ways. The Alliance’s congregational partners are being church with their doors closed—learning how to live-stream their worship services, Bible studies and prayer times—as well as calming the fears of church members with love, grace, and creativity. Our ministry partners are responding to needs in their communities tending to the most vulnerable here and around the world. Our endorsed chaplains and pastoral counselors are serving in hospitals, prisons, and the armed services preparing for a plethora of human need. 

In this time of national and global crisis, among the top concerns of the Alliance are:
  • Providing support for affiliated clergy, endorsed chaplains and pastoral counselors;
  • Standing in solidarity with our ministry partners as they respond to needs in their contexts;
  • Standing in solidarity with the global Asian Pacific Islander diaspora amid racial discrimination in the wake of COVID-19;
  • Speaking out about the reality of the virus and its potential impact, doing everything we can to slow the spread of the virus, and advocating with local, regional and national officials to act immediately to bolster our health system to meet the needs of our most vulnerable communities. 
In addition, the Alliance has joined our churches and partners in implementing physical distancing and have canceled the 2020 annual gathering. Our annual gathering has been an important place for Alliance people to find community, thought-provoking workshops, inspirational worship and preaching for 33 years. An important component of our annual gathering is our business meeting, where the necessary business of being a non-profit organization is conducted.  

We seek your help with one of these necessary business matters today—our need to elect board members who will hold in trust the responsibility of keeping the Alliance healthy and whole in these days of uncertainty. 

Thanks to the diligent work of the nominating committee, there is a slate of nominees ready and willing to be elected to guide the mission and ministry of the Alliance. The attached report is offered by the committee chaired by Paul Hayes, Groton, Conn., and submitted to the membership for consideration. The board of directors, scheduled to meet April 22, will confirm these nominees. Prior to then, the board is open to receiving objections or comments as we undertake the essential business of the Alliance. Please send your comments in writing to no later than April 17. In a time of deep uncertainty, we need some things to remain in place, and one of these is the witness and ministry of the Alliance of Baptists. May we be assured in these days of physical isolation, that we are not alone. God is with us, and so is the Alliance of Baptists’ family.

Paula, Carole, and Michael-Ray

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