Aliança de Batistas do Brasil/Alliance of Baptists of Brazil

This theologically progressive association of churches with congregations in northeast Brazil and Rio de Janeiro is Baptist in its principles and ecumenical in ministry.

Pastor Paulo Cesar Pereira, president of the Aliança writes March 19: Here in Brazil we already have 368 confirmed cases of coronavirus, but the contamination curve is upward and will grow a lot. The public offices are almost all closed, the general orientation is that everyone stays in their homes.

We have suspended all the activities of the orchestra, they are at home and we still have no cases of contamination.

In the church, activities, including services, are also suspended until March 29, 2020, then we will analyze whether the suspension will continue or not.

Supermarkets are still selling normally ... there is guidance so that you don't buy more than necessary.

Schools and universities are all suspended classes.

Here at home we are taking the necessary care, but Rosy and Yana who are doctors are still working.

I am worried but without anxiety.

We are in a voluntary quarantine. Leaving only when it is necessary.

It is a time of recollection and reflection.

Thank you for caring about us.

Additional notes: 

The Aliança is joining governors, health professionals and researchers seeking to educate the general public about the severity of the threat of the coronavirus in light of the misinformation distributed by the Bolsonaro administration. Watch this video from Brazil.

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