Theological Retreat

Theological Retreat on Atonement, April 21, 2022

A Theological Retreat will precede the 2022 Alliance of Baptists Annual Gathering at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Open to both lay persons and clergy, the retreat will offer chaplains and pastors continuing education opportunities during three movements on Thursday, April 21st—the day before the Annual Gathering begins. 

The First Movement—Inquire—centers around two lectures by Graham Walker and Rita Nakashima Brock. Dr. Walker, an Alliance member and theology professor at McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, will open the retreat with an overview of Christian theologies of atonement, providing both a background and a vocabulary for the rest of the day. Dr. Brock, one of the Gathering’s keynote speakers, will speak to both the problems of atonement theologies and her research into the earliest ways the Church spoke of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Following each address participants will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers through a Q & A period. 

The Second Movement—Engage—offers two hour-long blocks of workshops. Participants may choose among workshops on church resources, atonement conversations, theological explorations, and pastoral care discussions. Many of these workshops will also be offered during the Annual Gathering on Friday and Saturday. (See workshop list.) 

The Third Movement—Embark—welcomes participants back to the large group for a panel discussion on reimagining the cross and atonement. Facilitated small group conversations on the question, “Where Do We Go from Here?” will bring the retreat to a close during its final hour. 

The Theological Retreat begins with a registration check-in and welcome at 9:30 AM, includes lunch, and will conclude by 5:30—all provided by the nominal cost of $25 in addition to the Annual Gathering registration.

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