2022 Annual Gathering

Taking On the Cross: [Re] Learning the Love of God.

Location TBD.

For a thousand years western Christianity has seen the cross through the lens of substitutionary atonement—that Jesus died in our place and reconciled sinful humanity to God. Many find this deeply meaningful. Many find it deeply troubling.

After a thousand years, isn’t it time to re-examine this theology? Come join a conversation at this year’s Alliance of Baptists Annual Gathering, where we will “Take on the Cross” in order that together we may reimagine, or relearn, the Love of God.

Join us for a dialogue with Alliance panelists who are reimagining atonement in their ministries. Engage in workshops designed for those now exploring atonement ideas and for those who have already moved beyond substitutionary atonement. Worship in ways that will touch both heart and head. 

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