Nevertheless She Preached

Celebrating the voices of women in the pulpit

We created our preaching event out of the sense that we were not the only women who felt unheard and unseen, who needed a word of sincere and unmitigated acknowledgment. Our plans grew into a two-day preaching event designed and led by women. Men were welcome in the space, but for once, women held the stage. We named it, “Unauthorized: Nevertheless She Preached,” a title that resonated with women across the nation and across denominations. We saw it as an outward sign and symbol that women desperately needed a place to be fully seen and heard, and that we were not getting that support out in the world -- not consistently, not enough, not in our churches, not even in our seminaries. It wasn’t an act of hostility but an act of truth-telling, of saying, “We are here and we will take up our space.” It was of course a challenge to the status quo, because the status quo doesn’t deserve serenity just because it is the status quo. If seminary taught us anything, it taught us to use our intellect in service of the good news, and if Jesus taught us anything he demonstrated that sometimes good news unsettles things as they are.

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