MALT (Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana & Texas) Clergy Gathering

Alliance friends in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana & Texas, Save the date for our 2021 virtual MALT gathering on Monday, Feb. 8th from 2-3:30 pm CST! We’ll gather over Zoom for a chance to (re)connect and share stories about what has worked and what hasn’t in this unique season of ministry. Each of us has a story in our heads about what the church is called to be and do. When we gather we’ll reflect together on the following questions:
  • Over the last year (especially through the pandemic), what is one opportunity you (or your church as a whole) have had to live into that story? 
  • What did you do with that opportunity?
  • How did you learn from it?
  • Would you do anything differently next time? 
This is not a space for judgment or for right answers. We want to benefit from one another’s experience of what has worked and offer grace to one another in those all too familiar seasons where everything seems to have gone wrong. Hope to see you there! 

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