Do You Hear What I Hear?

A Call to the Work of Anti-Racism

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Featuring James Forbes, Jr. and Mahan Siler

Moderated by Nancy Sehested and Christine Wiley (75-minute conversation with 15 minutes for Q & A)

The winds of the Spirit have been stirring up a conversation. Come conspire with us as we hear from our elders as they sound the call to the work of anti-racism to the larger Alliance family. 

Some of the Alliance elders have been gathering for conversation with Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr. for conversation around the work of anti-racism. As Mahan Siler writes, “Dr. Forbes, former professor at Union Seminary and Senior Minister of Riverside Church both in New York City, retired with his wife, Bettie, to his hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina. Through Dr. Nancy Petty, pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, he learned about the Alliance and our ever-deepening commitment to anti-racism work within the Alliance leadership and congregations.”

Dr. Forbes then wrote, “The White Manifesto, Plea and Petition Suggested by a Black Brother in the Spirit of Love” (which can be read by clicking here).

Siler continues, “[Dr. Forbes’] “White Manifesto” was offered as a gift to the Alliance. I was one of four Alliance members who met with Dr. Forbes to discern the ways we could receive the challenge of his Manifesto. In those interactions I realized I was in the presence of a spirited, wise black elder of the church in our time. His Manifesto addresses the nation. I felt him addressing me and my Alliance family. I was called out by his “Plea and Petition” to find my white elder voice in response. 

In response, Siler wrote, “A White Manifesto: called out by a black elder, James A. Forbes, Jr. by his suggestion, White Manifesto, a Plea and Petition” (which can be read by clicking here). Siler’s work is not a finished word; rather, it is a starting place for white members of the Alliance of Baptists to engage in the conversation of anti-racism.

On December 14 at noon EST, James Forbes and Mahan Siler will be joined by Christine Wiley and Nancy Hastings Sehested to discuss how they have felt the Spirit stirring. You are invited to join in on the conversation (75-minute conversation with 15 minutes for Q & A). As it often is with the Spirit: The journey before us has not been made clear, but the next right step is right before us. We hope you’ll join us.

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