Clergy Sounding Room: Ministering Amid COVID-19, Trauma in the Black Community

Online meeting: Alliance of Baptists Zoom Room
Monday, May 4th, 7p ET/6p CT/4p PT

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COVID-19 has presented an influx of disturbances nationwide. In an ever-changing climate of uncertainty, COVID-19 brings economic, health, emotional, and psychological challenges to millions. However, COVID-19 raises unique challenges within the Black community due to the economic and health disparities members of the Black community experience. In comparison to their ethnic counterparts, Black individuals are more susceptible to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and other underlying health issues that present critical danger amid the coronavirus. Individuals in the Black community also face drastic disparities when their earnings, as well as net worth, are compared to other groups – causing an even greater challenge in rebounding from lost wages and income. Alongside long-standing racial injustices, these disparities bring a new source of trauma impacting an already traumatized community of people. In the current climate, it is crucial to reimagine how we minister to those in the Black community experiencing present COVID-19 trauma and who will experience post-COVID-19 trauma. In this sounding room, we will seek to have meaningful conversations that give focus to the anxieties, shifts, hopes, and transformative work occurring in ministry contexts unique to the Black community amid the COVID-19 trauma.

This panel is specifically designed for Black faith leaders, health practitioners, community organizers, and others to have a space for authentic conversations about the issues that uniquely impact the Black community amid COVID-19.


Rev. Aretha Flucker, moderator
Minister & Coach

Rev. Dr. Timothy Tee Boddie, panelist
Former General Secretary & Chief Administrative Officer, Progressive National Baptist Convention

Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews, panelist
President, Alliance of Baptists Board of Directors & Deputy Director, Faith in Action

Rev. Christine L. Wiley, Ph.D., D.Min., MSW, LPC, LICSW, LCSW-C, panelist
Pastoral Clinical Provider

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