Alliance Clergy Debriefing Session

The response to the clergy sounding room a few weeks ago proved that this is a needed space especially during this time. The CAIRN (Clergy Affiliate Information and Resource Network) Leadership Team has organized space for ongoing clergy debriefing sessions. We will be offering twice-weekly debriefing rooms: Mondays at noon ET and Thursdays at 7pm ET. This space is designed for clergy to debrief the day or week (share experiences, share wisdom, vent anger and anxieties) and to serve as a reminder that you are not alone in this work as you continue to create and share best practices in your communities. A facilitator will help guide the listening and reflection. This is a pilot program and we will be evaluating as we go. Once you register, you have access to attend subsequent debriefing rooms scheduled for that day of the week. If you want the freedom to attend either Monday or Thursday, register for both meetings. To register for Monday meetings, click here . To register for Thursday meetings, click here . In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions for how we might move forward, please let us know. We hope to be a support during this time to you and the communities you serve.
Peace to you during this time.

The Alliance Staff

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