This November, we’re focusing on the gratitude we have for Alliance people through the #AoBGivesThanks campaign. At the Alliance, we value all the gifts that sustain us: gifts of money and finances, sacrifices of time, and contributions of energy and ideas that make us a better Alliance. This month, we’re highlighting 30 groups and partners who give generously at all levels to the Alliance. And as we give thanks, we build up to #GivingTuesday on Nov. 27, inviting you to make a financial gift to the Alliance of Baptists in support of our theological home, pursuit of justice and partnership with others in ministry. Know something for which the #AoBGivesThanks? Offer your personal story of gratitude! Thank you for the gifts you share with the Alliance of Baptists.

On this All Saints Day, #AoBGivesThanks for the departed saints who have enriched, energized and kindled the spirit of the Alliance. Make a gift in honor of someone who has made a difference in the life of the Alliance and whose spirit continues to infuse us with life.
Recognizing that gifts of all levels are crucial to keeping the Alliance flame bright, #AoBGivesThanks for donors who gave $200-999 this year as listed in the 2018 Stewardship Report. Join the Alliance as an individual partner today and promote the work of progressive Baptists!
#AoBGivesThanks for our national advocacy partners working to promote a way of justice and advocating for the rights of the voiceless groups in our country and world.
#AoBGivesThanks for Ken Meyers, Toya Richards, and Jason Smith, who serve as specialists with the Alliance handling all things faith formation, communications, and development. Thank you for your deep commitment to the Alliance!
#AoBGivesThanks for our ecumenical relationships with the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ. In unity with these two bodies, we can serve as a stronger witness for peace and justice, living out the gospel message rooted in openness and affirmation.
Today, #AoBGivesThanks for donors who gave anything from $1-199. Thank you for sharing out of your generosity and openness to give. You are invited to join this group of committed donors and make a gift to the Alliance today.
For those contributing to the Enneagram Webinar, #AoBGivesThanks for helping us to learn more about the inner workings of our emotional intelligence and motivations. Participate in the Enneagram Webinars, sponsored by the Alliance, Tuesday, Nov. 13, hosted at 11 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time
For the countless hours spent keeping the Alliance books balanced and website up and running, #AoBGivesThanks for Cathy McGaughey and Kristy Pullen. They dedicate so much love and energy to the Alliance. Thanks, Cathy and Kristy!
With endorsed chaplains, the Alliance incarnates the compassion and comfort of the One we follow. #AoBGivesThanks for our chaplains serving in hospital, hospice, educational and military settings.
To our donors who made gifts of $2,000 or more this year, #AoBGivesThanks for the deep impact you make on the Alliance. We could not fulfill our mission without these earnest gestures and your love and commitment. If you would like to join the Alliance of Baptists, make a gift and deepen the impact of progressive Baptists
Recognizing their hard work and study, #AoBGivesThanks for the students at our seminary and theological partners: American Baptist Seminary of the West, Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR), Brite Divinity School, Eden Theological Seminary, Perkins School of Theology, SMU and Wake Forest University School of Divinity. Thank you for living into the present and dreaming our future.
#AoBGivesThanks for the fidelity of the board and staff to uncover the ways white supremacy and white privilege have impacted the life of the Alliance. Learn more about our commitments and the work we're continuing to do.
#AoBGivesThanks for our newest congregational partners who have joined us in 2018. Thank you for your presence in your communities and for making space for progressive Baptist voices.
To our regular givers, those who give steadfastly month to month, the #AoBGivesThanks. Become a monthly giver today, and give regularly to keep our theological home thriving.
To the congregational partners who have been with us all 31 years, #AoBGivesThanks for your steadfast support. With your commitment to living out our covenant and values, we have dreamed, imagined and realized a vision of God's 'kin-dom.'
#AoBGivesThanks for our Summer Communities of Service leaders, Helms and Greg Jarrel, as they prepare to lead students into service learning and congregational internships in summer 2019. Students 19+ are invited to apply!

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