Board of Directors & Staff


President: Michael-Ray Mathews, San Jose, CA 

Vice President: Malu Fairley-Collins, Charlotte, N.C.

Secretary: Cathy Tamsberg, Raleigh, NC

Treasurer: Nancy Flippin, Asheville, NC 

Current Board Members: 

Jo Ann Alley, West Monroe, LA

Ashley Ash, Oakland CA 

Kevin Brown, (UCC Rep) Minneapolis, MN 

Anna Burkett, Catonsville, MD 

Tammerie Day, Hillsborough, NC

Aretha Flucker, Shenandoah, TX 

Andrew Gardner, Tallahassee, FL 

Darrell Hamilton II, Jamaica Plain, MA 

Ken Brooker Langston (DOC Rep.), Annapolis, MD 

Rob Marus, Washington, DC

Tim Moore, Charlotte, NC  

Brent Newberry, Worcester MA 

Melanie Nogalski, Waco, TX 

Sylvia Oberle, Winston-Salem, NC 

Robert A. Renix, Capitol Heights, MD 

John Paul Rohde, Franklin, TN

Ben Sanders, Saint Louis, MO 

Mica Togami, San Diego, CA 

Douglas Washington, Dallas, TX 

Christine Y. Wiley Fort Washington, MD 

The Alliance is grateful for the leadership gifts it receives from so many volunteers who dedicate their time as board members, committee chairs, community coordinators, and Summer Community of Service hosts. The Alliance also has 2 full-time directors who comprise the Alliance leadership team and four part-time specialists. Alliance supporters are invited to submit the names of potential candidates to serve as directors on the board of the Alliance of Baptists to

2019 Annual Gathering Book of Reports

Nominating Committee Report 

Executive Committee

Malu Fairley-Collins

Executive Committee, Vice-President

Nancy Flippin

Executive Committee, Treasurer

Michael-Ray Mathews

Executive Committee, President

Cathy Tamsberg

Executive Committee, Secretary


Carole Collins

director of operations & finance


Paula Dempsey

director of partnership relations


Brooklyn Lovelace

social media specialist


Cathy McGaughey

operations specialist


Kristy Pullen

website specialist


Jason Smith

congregational engagement specialist


Stephanie True Cooper

acting communications specialist


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