Three Minute Ministry Mentor Eileen Campbell-Reed

Three Minute Ministry Mentor(3MMM) and host Eileen Campbell-Reed offer resources to inform and inspire your pastoral imagination and practice of ministry.


At Three Minute Ministry Mentor (3MMM) with host Eileen Campbell-Reed, we offer weekly episodes (video, blog, podcast) to support you in both learning and deepening your practice of ministry. Each episode invites you to notice, appreciate, and wonder how you are growing as a minister. We think this work matters for how we live in a broken and beautiful world with love and justice. We want to accompany you on your journey of cultivating pastoral imagination. 

In May of 2021, Eileen Campbell-Reed is excited to publish *Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life* (Fortress). She wrote this book for ministers, activists, chaplains, seminarians, as well as professors and mentors. The book shares 50 big ministry topics, stories to unpack each topic, supportive resources, and questions for reflection. The book and accompanying journal capture and bring to life findings from the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, a national, ecumenical and longitudinal study of ministry now in its 11th year.

You're invited to the "Pastoral Imagination" Book Launch Party!

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