Sophia Theological Seminary & Sophia Farms

A re-imagined community: living, learning, and working in harmony with God's creation and one another.

Sophia, in Greek, means “wisdom,” and the seed of Sophia Theological Seminary and Sophia Farms has grown from a recognition that theological education requires a wise and creative re-imagining. Sophia’s re-imagining is a present-day renewal of a centuries-old practice: religious communities self-supported through small-scale industry. For Sophia Seminary that supporting industry is Sophia Farms, a small-scale, intensive agricultural community in which students, faculty, and partners labor together in the field and in the classroom. The proceeds from Sophia Farms sustain the operating expenses of Sophia Seminary. Just as the relationship between humanity and the land, the relationship between study and work is reciprocal. Both the field and the classroom are centers of learning, the work of the mind and the work of the hands two vines intertwining as they grow.

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