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  • Voices: The Golden Rule by Kristin Adkins Whitesides

    A few months ago I had the privilege of organizing a community-wide interfaith event for teenagers through our Valley Interfaith Council. Unitarian Universalists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Jews, Muslims, and Ba’Hai all gathered in the fellowship

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  • ​Peace Bringers Service Message by Steve Feldman

    I’m a Jewish doctor, a dermatologist. I appreciate that you’ve welcomed me into your church for this Peace Bringers Service. I am going to share with you a Jewish perspective on peace.

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  • Advocacy in Action: St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church Participates in Local CROP Walk

    We walked along the banks of Lake Pontchartrain on a beautiful, crisp — at least by New Orleans standards — late-September morning.

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  • ​Brazil to Mississippi: Partner Congregations Sharing Ministry

    Good Friday of this year, seven members of Primeira Igreja Batista em Bultrins, our partner church, arrived in Mississippi from Brazil.

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  • “We’re in this Together”—Henry on Tour Wrap Up

    Ten days into our road trip, and at the end of a very long day of meeting with church folks in central Kentucky, Henry Mugabe and I were exchanging goodbyes before retiring for the night.

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  • 2014 Summer Communities of Service Interns Complete Program

    Audrey Graham of Weatherly, Penn., knew what she was getting into when she signed up for Summer Communities of Service...

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