Carole Collins, director of operations & finance

Working with the Alliance of Baptists is a whole new direction for my accounting career. Since graduating from Clemson University in 1988 I have been a staff accountant, accounting manager, director of investor relations and CFO in corporate America. I found each of these jobs to be very challenging but not as fulfilling as I had hoped.

In high school I had the opportunity to take an accounting class. I had found my vocation. During my years in corporate America I enjoyed the work but kept feeling a tug to something else.

In 2005 I was nominated to the alliance of Baptists board of directors. While serving on the board I realized that some of the mystery of the tug was beginning to be revealed. I loved what the Alliance is doing and being in the world today. During 2008 I began helping with the Alliance of Baptists financial books on a volunteer basis. Gradually I went from volunteering to a part-time and eventually in August 2010 I became a full time employee. The Alliance offers me a place to use my accounting skills, work with such talented folks, grow spiritually and all along the way challenges me to be more than think I am. I have found the place where my skills bring me fulfillment.

I share my life with my partner Leslie and our two dogs, Lolli and Ange. In my spare time I enjoy reading, travel and walking Lolli and Ange.

Carole Collins