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  • Water in the Desert

    by Ralph McCoy

    In the occupied territory of Gaza, 92 percent of the water is unfit for human consumption. Alliance partner congregation Watts Street Baptist Church, Durham, N.C., heard of

    the need for safe drinking water for children in Gaza and embarked upon an effort to help address that need.

    The effort which church members dubbed “Water in the Desert” set a goal of $4000 to purchase a desalination unit for a UN school in Gaza. Members were asked to make a contribution of a fixed amount or a pledge related to the number of times they turned on the tap in their homes over the course of one week.

    The effort resulted in $9209.30 in contributions from youth and adults. This, along with a contribution from an anonymous donor, will purchase desalination units to supply the needs of up to 2400 children in Gaza schools.

    Watts Street encourages other Alliance of Baptist partner congregations to consider similar efforts. Members of Watts Street who have visited Gaza would welcome the opportunity to assist in telling other congregations about this need.

    To contact Watts Street, email Ralph McCoy.