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  • Oakhurst Baptist Church Member Takes Special Trip to California

    Betty Thompson, a member of Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, Ga., is heading to see the Redwoods of California. This might not be worth noting except -- now 66 and living with cerebral palsy since her earliest years, Betty has inspired others her entire life.

    Attracting friends and neighbors in Georgia through her determination, faith in God and personal strength, Betty has incessantly challenged her own severe physical limitations and the perceptions of people that might serve to limit her dreams. Betty and her supporters hope to inspire others with similar challenges to reach their own goals in life.

    Betty carries out her advocacy for the severely physically disabled in many ways. She has a busy schedule of speaking engagements at local colleges and advocacy conferences held around the state of Georgia. Now, she intends to inspire others is through a demonstrative act the casual observer of her physical condition would consider to be out of the question.

    Betty’s late father, Raymond, worked on Civilian Conservation Corp projects among the Redwoods of California when he was 18. To see the grandeur and natural beauty of which he spoke has been Betty’s life-long dream.

    This month, Betty made the pilgrimage to see the Redwood Forests. She plans to visit Weott, California where her father worked as a young man, accompanied by two caregivers and four other members of Oakhurst Baptist. They will fly to Los Angeles and travel up to Weott.

    All participants are contributing financially to the cost of the trip based on their ability to do so. To make this adventure happen, however, additional funds were needed for travel and accommodations, including travel expenses for two caregivers and a power chair to be flown from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and rental of an accessible van for the trip to the Redwood Forests. Members of Oakhurst Baptist Church and others in Betty’s wide circle of friends and neighbors chipped in, supplemented with online fundraising using

    The intrepid troupe of seven flew to Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 18th. They made their way up the Pacific Coast Highway, driving over 700 miles, and included a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge. They arrived in the Weott area on the afternoon of Saturday, June 21st.

    Upon their return, supporters are invited to a celebration of the trip Sunday afternoon, July 13, 2:30 PM, with an ice cream social in the Fellowship Hall, where they will view photos and hear the stories from the great adventure.

    Betty and her friends will attempt to post photos and captions during the actual trip (as Internet is available). Follow along at: Betty's Journey to the Redwoods.