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  • Inspiring Women: Kyndall Rae Rothaus, by Courtney Pace

    Alliance of Baptists' congregational partners have been ordaining and calling whomever they perceived as gifted for ministry, male or female, for three decades. Women pastor nearly 30 percent of Alliance churches. This year's annual gathering in St. Louis will celebrate the successes, lament the continued inequity, and open up our imaginations for more of God's diversity in ministry leadership.

    by Courtney Pace

    Kyndall Rae Rothaus is the pastor of Lake Shore Baptist Church in Waco and the author of Preacher Breath (Smyth & Helwys, 2015). Her preaching brings a fresh word to biblical texts, creating sacred space in which to speak honestly and prophetically about the human experience. 

    Rothaus draws her inspiration from poetry (she's a terrific poet herself!), the resistance of those on the margins, and fellow women in ministry who advocate for full inclusion. As a pastor, Rothaus has cared for people who have suffered greatly, often at the hands of others who claim to be Christians. 

    Seeing many who have been wounded by the church and its people, Rothaus' preaching promotes healing and reconciliation for both individuals and communities. One of the biggest challenges she has faced in ministry was continuing to minister while 

    going through personal crisis, learning how to be vulnerable and authentic, take care of herself while caring for others, and how to ask for help. 

    When asked what gives her hope, Rothaus answered: "the many, many thoughtful, tenacious, kind people in my congregations who inspire me with their generosity and their activism and their openness...taking a walk through nature and remembering how much beauty is still in the world...the many voices who do not give up and are brave enough to tell the truth."

    Courtney Pace is Assistant Professor of Church History at Memphis Theological Seminary. She specializes in social justice issues in American religion, particularly race and gender. She is a board member of Equity for Women in the Church, creator of the "Stole Sisters" podcast, and a figure skating coach.


    Left: Kyndall Rothaus
    Right: Courtney Pace