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  • Hispanic Summer Program Welcomes Baptist Scholar to Faculty

    by LeDayne McLeese Polaski

    The Hispanic Summer Program (HSP) is an ecumenical program in theology and religion geared toward masters' level Latino/a seminarians and graduate students. HSP was established in 1989 to meet a clear need: A study by the Fund for Theological Education found that, of the 230+ accredited theological schools in the U.S. and Canada, only a handful had Hispanic faculty.

    As a result, Latina/o ministers, seminarians and college students interested in theology and religion had scant chance of ever studying with Hispanic scholars - or of getting an education connected to the Latina/o reality. Through HSP since 1989, over 1,000 Hispanic graduate students, and more than 100 non-Latinas/os, have taken more than 150 courses with no less than 100 different Hispanic faculty.

    In 2014, the Alliance is partnering with the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America and Pullen Memorial Baptist Church to offer a course through HSP titled "La Interculturalidad en el ST: Retos y Oportunidad para la Paz y Reconciliación" (Interculturality in the OT: Challenge and Opportunity for Peace and Reconciliation).

    The course, taught by Doris J. García-Mayol will explore the importance of diversity from within the Sacred text and how the Bible sustains Human Rights, but also how it also violates them given certain interpretations. The class will meet June 9-20, 2014.

    Garcia-Mayol is both an activist and a scholar of the highest order -- we can be very proud to have her representing us in this important way.