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  • From Our Partners: Insurance Board

    As you prepare your 2018 budget, have you considered insurance? For many churches, this cost is a significant factor in their bottom lines. A few Alliance of Baptists churches as well as the denominational office reviewed Insurance Board’s program and found it to be more robust than their current program and included a savings as well. Their coverage and limits are superior to industry standards because they are a Program of church people by church people; they understand our churches and ministries better than most.

    In addition, they are non-profit so monies are re-invested back into the Program and given to the churches in the form of free and subsidized loss control resources. Visit their website at; a link to their SafeConduct™ Workbench will provide an enormous amount of information and resources for preventing child abuse!

    Alliance of Baptists and Insurance Board are partners in protecting our churches now. In addition to AoB, the Insurance Board services churches and related ministries within the United Church of Christ, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Presbyterian Church (USA). We believe they truly have built a program that best suits the needs, budget, and spirit of our ministry!

    Jennifer Perri is the contact at Insurance Board for all Alliance of Baptists churches. She can best be reached at 877.597.8247 or email her at