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  • What’s in the Water? The North Carolina Coal Ash Crisis, by Caroline Rutledge Armijo

    During the summer of 2010, my heart was breaking. There were an unusual number of untimely deaths back home, in Stokes County, N.C. In the midst of praying for my junior-high friend before her second craniotomy for her Stage III brain tumor, I paused. She More Info

  • Voices: The Spiritual Practice of Poetry, by Keith Menhinick

    In the past week, I baptized two babies—one dead, one dying. I held a chair steady for a mother collapsing in tears, and I held a trash bin for a father vomiting in grief. I prayed for children who had cancer, held hands of children who had burns, sang son More Info

  • Leading Congregations through Controversial Issues

    ​On Saturday, Feb. 20 from 10am-12pm, First Baptist Church of Greenville, S.C., is hosting a Spiritual Enrichment Event (SEE) for ministry professionals and church lay leaders about leading congregations through controversial issues. More Info

  • Thank You for a Strong 2015! by Carole Collins

    At the fall 2015 Alliance of Baptists' board meeting the board approved a motion to begin charging a small fee for handling designated gifts. The definition of a designated gift, in this context, is any gift sent to the Alliance that is to be sent directly More Info

  • The Stained Glass Ceiling, by Paula Dempsey

    As a young pastor I committed to the Alliance of Baptists, for among the founders were mentors and faculty from my seminary days. But among the primary reasons I remained committed was the principle found in the Alliance covenant: “ordain whomever, male or More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: The Church as Seminary, by Tim Moore

    Systematic Theology was one of my favorite classes in seminary. We read the typical fair of classical works from Augustine to Calvin and encountered 20th-century minds like Moltmann, Daly, Boff and Niebuhr. However, it wasn’t the mix of liberationist, femi More Info