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  • Lenten Lectionary Notes Lent 3A, John 4:5-42

    I picture her standing there, quiet, strong and proud, in the presence of the stranger by the well in the heat of the midday sun. More Info

  • A Trip Reflection—Cuba and Church

    This past January I and nine other people from Harmony Creek Church made our first journey to Cuba to visit our partner church in Havana, Shéma Baptist Church. It was a deeply transforming experience for all involved. More Info

  • ​Lenten Lectionary Notes Lent 2A John 3:1-17

    The idea of “giving up something for Lent” has never resonated with me. As I have reflected on this over the years, it could be in part because I always ended up comparing giving up chocolate for 40 days with Jesus’ life and choices... More Info

  • Lenten Lectionary Notes Lent 1A Matthew 4:1-11

    Lent is here. We are standing with one foot pointed backward toward Epiphany and the other foot, kicking at the dust of ashes as we point ourselves toward Jerusalem, toward what we know is ahead: betrayal, crucifixion and a day of darkness. More Info

  • Ash Wednesday Year A Caught or Taught: Lessons on Prayer Matthew 6:1-21

    Growing up in a Baptist church the way I learned to pray was more “caught” than “taught.” My family attended Wednesday night prayer meeting, and that is what we did—pray! More Info

  • Orangeburg Massacre Commemoration—South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, S.C.

    Feb. 8, 1968, on the campus of South Carolina State College (now University) in Orangeburg, S.C., three students were killed by police during a demonstration protesting the segregated bowling alley near the campus. More Info