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  • Practicing Congregation: From Prayer to Action, by Tim Moore

    As I write this column my heart grieves for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Louisiana and Minnesota as well as for the families of the police officers in Dallas, Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Brent Thompson, and Patrick More Info

  • #OrdinaryStories on Luke 10, by Erica Lea

    I was raised in Houston, but I have been sent out many times. I was first “sent out” from Texas to South Carolina as a high school summer missionary. My love for grits was revived as I lived and work deep in the rural south. I have been sent out to Wyoming More Info

  • Ordinary Stories: Sexuality Education and the Church, by Kenneth J. Meyers

    There needs to be more sex in the church—sexuality education, that is. What part did your church play in your sexuality tutelage? Might it be safe to suggest that most churches continue to fail our society in this spirituality component? More Info

  • Ordinary Stories: An Italian Baptist Welcome, by Jason Smith

    This past May, I had the opportunity to accompany my wife Myra on a study tour through Italy with twenty university students. While she and a colleague led a group on tours of the the ancient Forum, the Coliseum, and Vatican City, I took the opportunit More Info

  • Muslim Civil Liberties, by Don Manning-Miller

    Any attempt to use the Orlando terrorist killings to further extend a war on Islam or to in any way restrict the civil liberties of our Muslim citizens is thoroughly reprehensible. More Info

  • Prayer on the One Year Anniversary of the Shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church, Charleston, S.C.

    Evil incarnate came blasting its way through Emanuel AME Church in Charleston just a year ago. And now we’ve witnessed it again in Orlando. O God of grace and compassion, help us to not grow weary More Info