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  • How Toasts Around the Table Bring Surprising Blessing Among Foreigners, by Paula Dempsey

    Boredom was on the faces of the university students as they, their professor, a pastor and I waited in the stuffy apartment for our Sunday afternoon meal. Khatuna had extended an invitation to all the U.S. guests at Peace Cathedral, Tbilisi, Georgia, to vi More Info

  • Reason Number 9: Equity for Women in the Church

    Equity for Women in the Church, a 501c3 Movement focusing on the promotion of clergywomen to senior pastorates across cultures and denominations... More Info

  • Reason Number 8: The Mayan Intercultural Seminary

    The Mayan intercultural seminary is a space for reflection and action... More Info

  • Reason Number 7: A Creative Staffing Model

    Alliance staff live in five states, which allows them to serve a wide geographic area not being confined to a brick and mortar office structure. More Info

  • Reason Number 6: AllianceConnect

    AllianceConnect provides a place for any and all to share resources with other progressive people of faith and for those in need of progressive resources for their ministries to find them. More Info

  • Reason Number 5: Partners in Zimbabwe

    Alliance partners in Zimbabwe offer a vital prophetic witness of congregations and leaders who follow the Gospel call of love, acceptance and open-mindedness. More Info