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  • El Centro

    ​When I knew I’d be spending my summer at the Centreville Labor Resource Center many life experiences flashed before me that I thought would have prepared me for this summer job: my teenage years being raised in Texas and going to a multi-cultural, multi-l More Info

  • Can We Talk?

    One of the most important things in a church, a family, a network of colleagues or friends, or an organization like the Alliance of Baptists is communication. In our congregation, one of the leaders pays particular attention to the need for good and consis More Info

  • Appreciation for Chris Copeland

    ​June 30 was Chris Copeland’s last day as minister for leadership formation for the Alliance, a role he filled for six years. Chris’ wisdom has shaped and led the clergy recognition process, and he has been a pastor and friend to many Alliance pastors. Her More Info

  • Board and Business Meeting Highlights

    At our April 2013 Board meeting in Greenville, S.C., we learned that we had ended 2012 with a small surplus thanks to the generosity of Alliance of Baptists congregations and individual members. ­We were also able to fully fund all the commitments we had m More Info

  • The Alliance Connects!

    When I began my work with the Alliance four years ago, I didn’t realize how important my ears would become. Pierced and poised, stuck on each side of my head in a way that causes my glasses to need special adjustment, my ears now get lots of exercise. So m More Info

  • Never Too Far From the Yarn…

    Monday morning, April 8, 2013…I walked into the sun-speckled narthex at FBC Greenville. Sitting in the sunlight was a table spilling over with a half-finished cold latte from Starbucks, a box with a few Ziploc® bags of clay Zach and James had so “good-natu More Info