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  • Lenten Reflections by Ministry Partners: Lent 1 by Taryn Deaton

    My three-year-old niece refers to being naked as “being in the body” (as in, “Aunt Taryn, why is he (shirtless man) in the body?”). Everyone in our family thinks this is hilarious and no one knows where she learned it. Secretly, we all hope she never learn More Info

  • Voices: Bear One Another’s Burden by Leah Knox

    I confess that, in my line of work as a chaplain, I’ve been pretty good at one of these scriptural commands — and often to the point of neglecting the other entirely. More Info

  • Fire in the Wilderness: The Ashes of Rodney Reed by Jeff Hood

    "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." More Info

  • Lenten Reflections by Ministry Partners: Ash Wednesday by Helms Jarrell

    We all laughed at the clip from The Daily Show. The video ended, laughter settled, but something within me couldn’t let go of what I heard. Most memorable were Donald Trump’s thoughts on immigration: “ … people are just walking across the border... It is s More Info

  • Alliance Present at Interfaith Drone Conference

    Raimundo Barreto, Rick Goodman, and I attended an Interfaith Conference on Drone Warfare at Princeton Seminary Jan. 23 -25, 2015 on behalf of the Alliance of Baptists. Conference attendees represented several Protestant denominations, Catholic organization More Info

  • Voices: Kitchen Table Spirituality by Kristin Adkins Whitesides

    My kids miss our Advent wreath. Every evening during that season we More Info