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  • Alice Rothchild Events in DC Area

    If you yearn for peace in the Holy Land, don’t miss these Thursday-Monday opportunities in VA, DC & MD to meet ALICE ROTHCHILD More Info

  • ​Peace Bringers Service Message by Steve Feldman

    I’m a Jewish doctor, a dermatologist. I appreciate that you’ve welcomed me into your church for this Peace Bringers Service. I am going to share with you a Jewish perspective on peace. More Info

  • BPFNA announces two events & scholarships for Friendship Tour and Summer Conference

    Friendship Tour and Summer Conference More Info

  • Fury and Faith: The Uneasiness of Divine Presence

    I exited the movie theater with a simmering uneasiness. At least, uneasy is the only word I can imagine to describe my feeling after watching David Ayer’s film, ​Fury. More Info

  • ​We Come With Joy: Alliance Challenged to Draw the Circle Even Wider

    “Alliance of Baptists, you walked away from destructive patterns and declared worship to be primary almost 30 years ago,” Eric Mathis proclaimed to the group gathered for We Come With Joy at Harmony Creek Church, Dayton, Ohio. The gathering convened Oct. 1 More Info

  • Advocacy in Action: St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church Participates in Local CROP Walk

    We walked along the banks of Lake Pontchartrain on a beautiful, crisp — at least by New Orleans standards — late-September morning. More Info