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  • Lenten Lectionary Note 5A—A Letter to all of Us Who Grieve on John 11:17-45

    “How do you pray after suffering such grief and loss,” you ask? What words do you use to express your grief and pain after the repeat roller coaster ride of intense joy and then crushing defeat? More Info

  • Nominating Committee Report

    The Nominating Committee recommends the following individuals: More Info

  • Lenten Lectionary Note Lent 4A

    Here’s our pop quiz for today: “Where is Jesus?” That’s verse 12 in today’s reading, but really ought to be the question every day for those who identify ourselves as Christians, wouldn’t you think? Theologian and biblical scholar Frank Stagg did. More Info

  • Fighting Poverty with Faith—Cut Domestic Poverty in Half by 2020

    Fighting Poverty with Faith is an annual anti-poverty mobilization of faith-based organizations bringing together more than 50 national organizations, including the Alliance of Baptists. The goal of FPWF is to halve domestic poverty between 2010 and 2020 More Info

  • Lenten Lectionary Notes Lent 3A, John 4:5-42

    I picture her standing there, quiet, strong and proud, in the presence of the stranger by the well in the heat of the midday sun. More Info

  • A Trip Reflection—Cuba and Church

    This past January I and nine other people from Harmony Creek Church made our first journey to Cuba to visit our partner church in Havana, Shéma Baptist Church. It was a deeply transforming experience for all involved. More Info