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  • Together We Remember Anne Neil

    ​The Alliance lost one of our dear saints on Pentecost Sunday, June 8. Anne Neil leaves a legacy of emphasis on inclusion and spirituality, economic and social justice... More Info

  • Calling for Hymns on Labor and Faith

    More and more of our communities are struggling with issues of labor and all but the wealthiest one percent are affected by transitions in the world of labor. More Info

  • ​Ministry Partner Highlight: Seminario Intercultural Mayense

    In late January, I was in southern Mexico in the small Mayan village of Acteal. The notoriety of Acteal comes from a tragedy that occurred on December 22, 1997, when paramilitaries murdered 45 Tsotzil Mayans, most of whom were women and children worship More Info

  • Summer Communities of Volunteers Now Serving

    For the fifth year, the Alliance of Baptists and the United Church of Christ partner to place young adults in Summer Communities of Service across the United States. More Info

  • Remembering Early Alliance Leader and Long-time Friend Anne Neil

    ​Anne Thomas Neil—teacher, spiritual guide, pastor, prophet and a beloved Alliance of Baptists founder and former president—died June 8 in Raleigh, N.C., at the age of 94. More Info

  • Alliance History Project Begins this Summer

    There is something fresh and exciting about beginnings that cause one to bask in the excitement of what comes next. More Info