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  • Living Signs: Alliance Clergywomen Grow from ‘Innovation’ to ‘Early Majority’

    ​The idea of Baptist women’s ordination for pastoral ministry was born quietly in 1964 when Watts Street Baptist Church ordained Addie Davis. The idea remained a mere “innovation,” a novelty, among Southern Baptists for two decades with only a handful of w More Info

  • Alliance Signs Letter to Oppose the Safe Act

    An excerpt from the Letter to House Speaker Boehner More Info

  • Clergy Recognition FAQ

    Clergy recognition is still a new process, and even those who have experienced it may have questions about how it works. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions for your information or for you to forward to a colleague considering applying for More Info

  • The Alliance is Not Afraid…

    “The Alliance is not afraid of conversations about justice…It is really easy for me to be a Baptist doing justice work, because I am part of the Alliance. And that’s just what we do.” Michael-Ray Mathews, in the Alliance video, Belonging. More Info

  • ‘….Not One Step Back’: Moral Mondays in Raleigh, N.C.

    As we approached the doors to the North Carolina legislative building, a voice cried out:“Now this is church!”Prayerful dissent because we cannot do otherwise is at the heart of who we are in the Alliance of Baptists and as followers of Jesus. More Info

  • El Centro

    ​When I knew I’d be spending my summer at the Centreville Labor Resource Center many life experiences flashed before me that I thought would have prepared me for this summer job: my teenage years being raised in Texas and going to a multi-cultural, multi-l More Info