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  • 2017 Statements: A Statement on HB2

    Submitted for the Alliance of Baptists Annual Meeting, April 2017 by Russ Dean and Tim Moore More Info

  • Book Review: Jesus Stories – Traveling Toward Testimony by H. Stephen Shoemaker

    Finally. Finally a book that theologically and intellectually forms the functional foundation that the church is the “steward of the Jesus story” (p ix). What’s more, the book is highly readable for lay and clergy folks. More Info

  • #AllianceAt30: Servant Role of Leadership

    ​Celebrations, such as the 4th of July and New Years', include fireworks. The Alliance of Baptists 30 year celebration has God’s gift of “light and love” for all, as fireworks. The Alliance is demonstrating to the world its co-ministry with Creator, Savior More Info

  • #AllianceAt30: Covenant Intersectionality

    Prior to beginning work on the Alliance of Baptists’ history, I had never attended an Annual Gathering. I attended an Alliance congregation, Knollwood Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N.C., and I had participated in the Alliance’s summer communities of ser More Info

  • A Special Invitation to Annual Gathering!

    For 30 years, the Alliance of Baptists has been boldly blazing a trail and lifting a prophetic voice-- creating places of refuge and renewal, a "theological home", for those who are wounded or ignored by the church; pursuing justice with and for those w More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: The Liturgical Color of Green, by Tim Moore

    The color of green covers Christian sanctuaries during the weeks following Epiphany with green paraments covering pulpits, lecterns and communion tables, while black robed pastors drape green stoles around their necks. While the liturgical color of Epiphan More Info