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  • Support a Young Woman Preacher today!

    I remember my first preaching experiences- all during Sunday night worship services, which no longer exist. Where do young women get opportunities to take their first steps preaching in today's ecclesial Paula Dempset headshot.JPG landscape? More Info

  • Voices: On Holy Ground, by Kristin Adkins Whitesides

    On Sundays Jimmy sits toward the back of the sanctuary with his parents. Throughout the service he wears headphones and either plays a game or watches a movie. Jimmy is 21 but is intellectually disabled and on the autism spectrum. Most weeks I make it to More Info

  • Faith Formation: How Weighty Are Stories?

    No one can take away your story. Your experiences of love and life as well as laughter and languish all belong to you. In her book, Storytelling in Religious Education, Susan Shaw writes, “Stories invite learners into a realm of possibility in which they m More Info

  • Update on Flint Water Crisis and Woodside Church

    ​In last week’s prayers with the people, we shared a prayer request from Deb Conrad, pastor at congregational partner ​Woodside Church, Flint, Mich. It read: More Info

  • Baptist Named to Head Parliament of the World’s Religions, by Kenneth J. Meyers

    It is with great pride that we Baptists now share a pivotal place in the enterprise of peace-making through interfaith relationships. The Parliament of the World’s Religions recently announced that Baptist professor Robert Sellers will chair the Board of T More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: Filling Up the Church Calendar, by Tim Moore

    One of the things I love about my smartphone is the ability to have an appointment calendar with an alarm, and to have it with me all the time. More Info