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  • From Generation to Generation, LOVE by Betsy Kammerdiener

    Pregnancy is a time of waiting and wondering, “pondering," to use that wonderful King James Bible word. I was pregnant with my firstborn, Katy, while we were in language school in Costa Rica. Far away from family and the familiar, like Mary and Elizabeth I More Info

  • From Generation to Generation: LOVE, by Katy Kammerdiener

    I come from a strong line of rabble rousers, particularly the women in my family. Some of us are more overt about it, some of us are radical just by our very being. Being outspoken advocates for justice is something that I was born with. I don’t think I ev More Info

  • The Joy of Learning, by Ken Meyers

    Maybe you remember the phrase from the 1992 presidential campaign—“It’s the economy, stupid!” James Carville coined the phrase in a campaign staff meeting but it soon became a public battle cry. More Info

  • From Generation to Generation: Liberating Joy!

    Sometimes, the weight of waiting for God feels unbearable. How long will we suffer before God intervenes? More Info

  • Our Advent, by Jeff Sims

    Advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the coming of the Christ child. June of 2014 was our advent. Although our child would not be the Christ, it was this Dad’s great expectation and hope that I would finally lay eyes on that long await More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: Over the Horizon, by Tim Moore

    It’s been a month since the Presidential Election and each day brings new stories about the Trump administration. If you placed the stories on a matrix based on their point-of-view, they would visually cover a whole page. They are all over the pla More Info