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  • Welton Gaddy Retires from Northminster Church

    On Oct. 30, Welton Gaddy retired as More Info

  • The With-ness of God, Book Review on Grounded, by Kenneth J. Meyers

    My wife likes dirt. You would never know it given her stellar appearance. She grew up on a large New Zealand apple orchard spread on hundreds of acres. To this day she communes with nature. She is always appreciating flowers, shrubs and trees – most anythi More Info

  • ​My Lord, What a Mornin’, by Paula Dempsey

    The discord and polarization surrounding the 2016 election has cast a shadow as thick and dense as the smoke from the surrounding wildfires near my home. It is as if the African American spiritual, “My Lord, what a mornin’ when the stars begin to fall…” wa More Info

  • Carole’s Report from Sabbatical

    I am back from More Info

  • Giving Thanks: What do you call home?

    A great philosopher once said, “Home is where your rump rests.” More Info

  • Building a Peaceable Kindom, by Beth Ritter-Conn

    I don’t know about you, but I have been relieved in recent weeks to see the spate of articles letting us know that “election anxiety” is real and not just something I am making up in my head. J It seems that for many of us around the country, this election More Info